The Maccabees also spelled Machabees were a group of Jewish rebel warriors who took control of Judea, which at the time. 1 Maccabees is a book written in Hebrew by a Jewish author after the restoration of an The book is held as canonical scripture by the Catholic, Orthodox, and Oriental Orthodox churches (except for the Orthodox Tewahedo), but not by. The Books of the Maccabees, Maccabees also spelled Machabees, four books, none of which is in the Hebrew Bible but all of which appear in some.

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According to Rabbinic traditionthe victorious Maccabees could only find a small jug of oil that had remained uncontaminated by virtue of a seal, and although it only contained enough oil to sustain the Menorah for one day, it miraculously lasted for eight days, by which time further oil could be procured. He may well have played some part in it himself in his youth. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Maccabees.

These books are not part of the Tanakh Hebrew Bible which came from the Jewish canon; however, they were part of the Alexandrian canon which is also called the Septuagint sometimes abbreviated LXX.

Abel is macabee course, mentioned in Genesis. The narrative is primarily prose text, but is interrupted by seven poetic sections, which imitate classical Hebrew poetry.

macfabee The first of these books states that their father was a Benjamite named Maccabeus, and that three of the brothers, who are called Abya, Seela, and Fentos, were captured and martyred for leading a guerilla war against Antiochus Epiphanes.

Articles incorporating a citation from the Catholic Encyclopedia with Wikisource reference Articles containing Hebrew-language text Articles containing Latin-language text Articles containing Greek-language text Commons category link is on Wikidata. Catholic Online on Facebook Catholic social network. The book covers the whole of the revolt, maccagee to BC, highlighting how the salvation of the Jewish people in this crisis came through Mattathias ‘ family, particularly his sons, Judas MaccabeusJonathan Apphusand Simon Thassiand Simon’s son, John Hyrcanus.


The festival of Hanukkah is instituted by Judas Maccabeus and his brothers to celebrate this event 1 Macc. Help us improve this article! Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. You can make it easier for us to review and, hopefully, publish your contribution by keeping a few points in mind. Hellenization included the construction of gymnasiums in Jerusalem.

Simon and his successors form the Hasmonean dynasty, which is not always considered a valid kingship by the Jews, since they were not of the lineage of David.

1 Maccabees 1 GNT – Alexander the Great – This history – Bible Gateway

Comparative Studies in Religion. Top Searches john the baptist prayers saint anne andrew John Matthew hail holy queen saint elizabeth sebastian saint paul saint christopher Anthony st mary saint nicene creed our lady of guadalupe saint francis of assisi young children Saint Nicole st. Edinburgh,pp. The devil wants to distract people away from the Bible which is the only book the devil hates.

Instead, we have an early, pre-Christian, Greek translation full of Hebrew idioms. The books of the Maccabees and indeed all of the Apocrypha are not part of the inspired text due to the errors that are inherent in hible.

This Hebrew verse is taken from Exodus Print Twitter Facebook Email.

1 Maccabees

Learn More in these related Britannica articles: It purports to be a historical account of the repression and miraculous salvation of Egyptian Jewry during the reign — bc of Ptolemy IV Philopator. Information Learn about Catholic world.


Our editors will review what you’ve submitted, and if it meets our criteria, we’ll add it to the article. Hermeneutics, Authority, and Canon. Origins of the doctrine prophecy in Hellenistic Judaism In prophecy: Mark Antony ” …then resolved to get him made king of the Jews… told them that it was for their macfabee in the Parthian war that Herod should be king; so they all gave their votes for it. He maccaabee requires Jewish leaders to sacrifice to idols.

1 Maccabees – Chapter 1 – Bible – Catholic Online

The dates in this book are counted from the beginning of the Syrian Kingdom in B. The Maccabees destroyed pagan altars in mccabee villages, circumcised boys and forced Jews into outlawry. Young men and young women grew weak. While enforcement may be targeting only Jewish leaders, some Jews and even children are killed as a warning to others.

Antiochus forbids both circumcision and possession of Jewish scriptures on pain of death.

Jesus refers to the Law, the Prophets and the Psalms in Luke He was the first pope…. Then he suddenly launched a fierce attack on the city, dealing mzccabee a major blow and killing many of the people.

1 Maccabees – Chapter 1

He came to Jerusalem with an impressive force. The author of the Second Book of Maccabees presented the conflict as a struggle between “Judaism” and “Hellenism”, concepts which he coined.

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