: The Threshold of the Visible World (): Kaja Silverman: Books. The Threshold of the Visible World advances a revolutionary new political aesthetic–Kaja Silverman explores the possibilities for looking beyond the restrictive. Kaja Silverman. Routledge: London and New York, March ISBN 0 (Hbk) 0 (Pbk). The Threshold of the Visible World by Kaja.

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Gamze Uzunyayla rated it really liked it Nov 27, Yet at the same time, the functioning of the social apparatus is subordinated to the vision of the canny subjectlartist.

Jennie rated it it was amazing Jan 07, Science Logic and Mathematics. But if “independent” production offers only a more or less illusory autonomy, what are the condi- tions of possibility for “experimental” art?

Race, Sex, and Class at the Movies. As the privi- leged metaphors of visual experimentation in both books-meta- phors such as ‘breaking through and “going elsewherew-remind us, for these writers the transformative potential of the image hingeg on its liminal status as a relay between psycl-uc and social formations.

The threshold of the visible world – Kaja Silverman – Google Books

Social Bonds and Psychical Order: The call to revitalize a cinematic avant-garde implies at least two thgs: Maja is this letting go that makes it possible for her to be re- deemed. Daniel Dillon rated it really liked it Jul 10, Rather than conjure new, more vibrant destinations for the jaded traveler, a political cinema might venture instead to solverman accountability to other subjects, to show how borders matter, for better and for worse, rather than set us, once again, on the path of a redemptive crossing.


By remediating the viewer’s relation to the world, in other words, experimental images will engender better subjects, subjects primed to live visiblw relations differently-to build a better world. Paperback The item is fairly worn but still readable. The films distributed through these circuits would nec- essarily be marked by their passage, aligned in more or less ex- plicit ways with the racial and class politics of European and American capital in the colonies. May have page creases, creased spine, bent cover or markings inside.

Asserting that “those of us writing threhold about gender, race, class, and other forms of ‘difference’ have made a serious strategic mistake” for having “argued against idealization, that psychic ac- tivity at the heart of love,” Silverman here mounts a fhreshold for the contestatory power of idealizations that depart from and under- mine the established luerarchy of social value.

The Threshold of the Visible World

The Psyche and the Social: History of Western Philosophy. Near Fine Clean unopened copy.

Jeff Malpas – manuscript. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Susan Cook rated it really liked it Dec 20, University of Minnesota Press, Shannon Winnubst – – Philosophy visibls Social Criticism 30 1: Routledge, In recent years, especially, hooks has en- gaged in the sustained and compelling critique of a corporate multiculturalism, which sells the consumer public on the fantasy of free passage.

Silverman borrows the idea of worls “ceremonial image” from Walter Benjamin, who uses it to describe a mode of resignifying objects, rather than subjects. The use of the term “disidentification” in this sense is specific to Munoz, although the ambivalent identificatory processes that Fuss explores are substantially the same.


The item may have identifying markings on it or show other signs of previous use. Kristen rated it it was amazing May 25, thr The Threshold of the Visible World provides a psychic, social and political specification of Lacan’s claim, and most particularly of its implications for the subject’s relations to the social visiblle.

It is tempting to say that Marxist-oriented film studies are concerned primarily with the functioning of the cinematic ap- paratus and psychoanalytic film studies with its textual effects, al- though it should be clear that the distinction is only relative; at their best, both approaches attend to the interrelation of the filmic text and the apparatus which supports it.

Lists with This Book. Nevertheless, hooks speaks in positive terms of Sera’s movement into self-obliterating love. Thgeshold enabling us to see differently, Silverman contends, the ex- perimental image reeducates the look, which “[allone can make a difference within the ethcal domain of intersubjective relations”.