Variation 8: Point = Go-no-go = Wu~wu~ Variation 9: Reducing against Choosing a joseki: Since josekis work effectively in a certain direction, examine. Welcome to the Joseki Dictionary. The dictionary will enable you to perform joseki (established sequences usually situated in the corner of the Go. Professionals often invent joseki in their games when the standard joseki are inappropriate. All this is very interesting but for the amateur Go player a subset of .

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At one very particular point in the game even the pawn might be worth more than the queen herself, right?

It is very well possible to play a Go game with the knowledge of only a subset of maybe 30 simple joseki variations. Which sequences are considered playable joseki has changed throughout history, owing to the effects of rule changes most notably komicontinued research from professional players and, jose,i recently, from AI analysis.

Joseki pages

Things which you might be interested to learn from the professional games are:. It will enable you to keep track of any developments in your own repertoire of opening patterns for example. Each query will result in a list of all games featuring the selected opening pattern and besides a variation tree containing all encountered continuations merged and ordered by hit frequency.

The correct joseki choice in a particular situation must be based on whole board thinking. Knowing a particular joseki simply means that one knows a sequence of moves, resulting in a balance or fair trade-off between black and white positions. This is from game between O Meien black and Takemia Masaki white. This page was last edited on 4 Augustat December Learn how and when to remove this template message.

In go, because games typically start with plays in the cornersgo josekis are usually about corner play as the players try to gain local advantages there in order to obtain a better overall position. Note that “locally even” neither implies optimal nor even at the whole-board level. The dictionary will enable you to perform joseki established sequences usually situated in the corner of the Go board searches in thousands of online professional Go games.


Chess Openings are the same every time and are pretty much always played in the same context. There is no definitive guide to what is a joseki ; the situation with joseki dictionaries is similar to that of natural language dictionaries: Also I think it is very valuable to look how pros actually play joseki and how the play continues from them.

Players Ranks and ratings Professionals Organizations Competitions. I am learning already. Maybe an analogy to chess would be to say that the towers are worth more than the knights no idea if this is true btwbut this just an understanding as it obviously depends on the situation of the board. Things which you might be interested to learn from the professional games are: The main reason for choosing an existing index is that it will enable you to study the joseki using these books while using the online dictionary to fetch up-to-date examples of each of the joseki coming straight from the tough battle grounds of professional Go.

This way you can deal with those who break joseki.

Learning Joseki: When to learn and how? – General Go Discussion – Online Go Forum

That is because choosing the correct direction of play is more important than playing josekk. Proper evaluation of joseki joweki the trade-offs between: The number of subsequent variations is then quite large of the order of ten reasonable plays for the next one.

Also useful is the tenuki concept of breaking away from a sequence, to play elsewhere, before the ‘official’ endpoint of the joseki. By using this site, ioseki agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Now I might quite likely be wrong about all I said about this situation. Each situation is different and so each situation requires its own specific joseki. In game Takemiya actually played at that triangle point. As far as I can see, the only way is to explore what happens if you do differently.

The selection is not random but carefully chosen, a so josdki repertoire. Maybe a bad non-go analogy would be: While learning joseki is a tool to defend against a local loss, players always seek to take advantage of weaknesses in the opponent’s shapesoften deviating from the joseki. With 2 you are already in variation not to be found on josekipedia. The main categories include: Therefore common sequences were played through trial and error many, many times to the point where today we refer to them as joseki.


One go proverb states that “learning josekis loses two stones in strength,” which means that the rote learning of sequences is not advantageous; rather, learning from a joseki should be a player’s goal.

Each main line in the corner is considered from the white and black perspective and each time appropriate choices are made. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations.

In the introduction I explain when to play which line of joseki and give various considerations. The concept of “balance”, here, often refers to an equitable trade-off between securing territory in the corner versus making good thickness toward the sides and the center.

It is better ho to run at all if it means you get to move in the correct direction away from the lions … Yes I am really bad at making analogies… sorry As a new player, Gp would say forget about Joseki. There is no formal theory for these, though numerous set sequences can be seen in professional play. That said, a bit more seriously, I agree that the difference between learn and joski is key. I think joseki are valuable not by knowing any concrete sequence but because they exemplify a loot of things that go into good go.

The amount of joseki is enormous as you will notice while browsing through the overview below. The queries are performed by the batch version of the Go database and search engine G. Feel free to send me a friend request and we can play a teaching game some time if you like? You can just learn the basic josekis natrually by playing and reviewing.