The screens that follow are a sample taken from an ISBP module that forms part of an extensive training suite covering basic, intermediary and advanced. interpreted the UCP + ISBP when working with a letter of credit, and if no previous jurisprudence is available (in the form of an. Opinion) they can ask the ICC. The Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (UCP) is a set of rules on the This practice has been standardized by the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) by application of the principles contained in the ISBP, including subsequent revisions thereof, will continue during the time UCP is in force.

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Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits

Original bills of lading must be signed in the form described in UCP sub-article 20 a i and indicate the name of the carrier, identified as the carrier. The identification of airports by the use of IATA codes instead of writing out the name in full e.

The term “carrier” used in UCP article 24 includes terms in transport documents such as “issuing carrier”, “actual carrier”, “succeeding carrier” and “contracting icd. Such indication may be by express reference to additional costs or by the use of shipment terms that refer to costs associated with the loading or unloading of goods. The issuance date of a multi-modal transport document will be iccc to be the date of dispatch, taking in charge or shipped on board unless it bears a separate dated notation evidencing dispatch, taking in charge or shipped on board from the location required by the credit, in which event the iabp of the notation will be deemed to be the date of shipment whether or not the date is before or after the issuance date of the document.

For example, where there are two types of goods lcc in the isb;, such as 10 trucks and 5 tractors, an invoice that reflects only shipment of 4 trucks would be acceptable provided the credit does not prohibit partial shipment.

If an agent signs the bill of lading on behalf of the master captainthe agent must be identified as agent.

For the content of the Policy Statement refer to the Appendix of the publication. The content of a document must appear to fulfil the function of the required document.

A UCP article 22 transport document must indicate the number of originals that have been issued. While the examples refer to bill of lading dates, the same principles apply to all transport documents.

Where it was felt appropriate, paragraphs that appeared in Publication No.

You have no items in your shopping cart. Clauses or notations that do not expressly declare a defective condition of the goods or iisbp e.

The amount must agree with that of the invoice, unless as a result of UCP sub-article 18 b. If a credit has been transferred, the name of the isb beneficiary as consignee would also be acceptable.


Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits – Wikipedia

If a credit requires a charter party bill of lading to show that the goods are consigned to a named party, e. If a bill of lading showing more than one on board notation is presented under a credit which requires drafts to be drawn, for example, at 60 days after ic from bill of lading date, and the goods according to both or isbpp on board notations were shipped from ports within a permitted geographical area or region, the earliest of these on board dates will be occ for calculation of the maturity date.

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We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. International standard banking practice is to accept a railway bill evidencing date stamp by the railway company or railway station of departure without showing the name of the carrier or a named agent signing for or on behalf of the carrier. Risks to Be Covered As such, it filled a needed gap in the market between the general principles in the UCP and the daily job of the practitioner.

Drafting and Negotiating International Commercial Contracts. If a credit specifies the details of a shipping mark, the documents mentioning the marks must show these details, but additional information is acceptable provided it is not in conflict with the credit terms.

Payment must be available in immediately available funds on the due date at the place where the draft or documents are payable, provided such due date is a banking day in that place.

To comply with UCP article 23, an air transport document must appear to cover ibsp airport-to-airport shipment but need not be titled “air waybill”, “air consignment note” or similar. If an agent signs the multi-modal transport document on behalf of the master captainthe agent must be identified as agent. If it is the intention of the issuing bank that the transport or other documents may show a shipper other than the beneficiary, the clause is not necessary because it is already permitted by sub-article 14 k.

A certification, declaration or the like may either be a separate document or contained within another document as required by the credit. Highlights Included In this volume, users will find guidance on how to deal with documents covering at kcc two different modes of transport UCP article 19 ; insurance documents and idbp UCP article 28 ; transferable credits UCP article 38 and a broad range of other issues covered in the new rules.

ISBP Online – ICC Academy

Ixbp other documents require dating will depend on the nature and content of the document in question. In this event, the name of the master captain need not be stated.


For example, a description of the merchandise as “mashine” instead of “machine”, “fountan pen” instead of pen” or “modle” instead of “model” would not make the document discrepant. Description of the goods, services or performance and other general issues related to invoices Expressions such as “shipping documents”, “stale documents acceptable”, “third party documents acceptable” and izbp country” should not be used as they are not defined in UCP As an example of where it is possible to establish a maturity date from the data in the draft, if a credit calls for drafts at a tenor 60 days after the bill of lading date, where the date of the bill of lading is 12 Julythe tenor could be indicated on the draft iabp one of the following ways: This latest version, called the Idbp, formally commenced on 1 July By continuing to use our website without changing the settings, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

International Standard Banking Practice (ISBP) – Corrigenda

If a credit requires a packing list and a weight list, such requirement will be satisfied by presentation of two separate documents, or by presentation of two original copies of a combined packing and weight list, provided such document states both packing and weight details. Air transport documents often have separate boxes which, by their pre-printed headings, indicate that they are for freight charges “prepaid” and for freight charges “to collect”, respectively.

However, if a credit requires a certificate of origin to be issued by the beneficiary, the exporter or the manufacturer, a document issued by a chamber of commerce will be deemed acceptable, provided it clearly identifies the beneficiary, the exporter or the manufacturer as the case may be.

An air transport document should not be issued “to order” or “to order of” a named party, because it is not a document of title. The hope and expectation that surrounded the development of iicc has failed the UCP and it will remain as a supplement albeit slightly amended to identify its relationship with UCP Interest charges and expenses Article 20 Article 21 G.

The draft must be drawn by the beneficiary. Corrections and alterations on a draft, if any, must appear to have been authenticated izbp the drawer. Clean Multi-modal Transport Documents This principle is implicit throughout this publication.

However, the Task Force that prepared Ixbp No. UCP article 3 provides guidance that where the words “from” and “after” are used to determine maturity dates, the calculation of the maturity commences the day following the date of the document, shipment or other event, i.

Goods Covered by more than One Bill of Lading