Transcript of IRLANDZKA ARMIA REPUBLIKAŃSKA. Photos Interests Status Update like comment share. Shared a Link like comment share. plwiki Irlandzka Armia Republikańska; rowiki Armata Republicană Irlandeză; ruwiki Ирландская республиканская армия; scowiki Erse Republican Airmy. nlwiki Real Irish Republican Army; nowiki Real IRA; plwiki Prawdziwa Irlandzka Armia Republikańska; ruwiki Подлинная Ирландская республиканская.

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Nie masz jeszcze konta? They are all laid out – in English too — in a plethora of print and internet publications.

According to data gathered by our experts, from Decemberthree months before the US invasion of Iraq, al Qaeda began issuing a stream of fatwas designating its main operating theatres in Europe. Spain was on the list, but not the first. Islamic fundamentalists were constrained to recover the irlanzka and glory of the Ottoman caliphates which were trampled by Christian forces in in the last days of World War I.

Provisional Irish Republican Army – Wikidata

There, al Qaeda repulikaska Muslims the goal of recovering their lost kingdom in Andalusia. Italy and its capital were third. Muslim fundamentalists view Rome as a world center of heresy because of the Vatican and the Pope. Vienna came next because the advancing Muslim armies were defeated there in before they could engulf the heart of Europe. These aspirations are far from being restricted to a lunatic fringe of radical Islam.

However strangely these decrees and teachings may fall on the ears of their targets, there is no option but to try and make sense of them in order to understand the force driving an inhumanly ruthless enemy. The logic behind this philosophy is capable of attaining a perfect match between its injunctions and the actions of its faithful in rwpublikaska. November saw two terrorist outbreaks in Istanbul that claimed 63 lives and injured more than Tuesday, March 10, the day of the attacks in Madrid, al Qaeda continued its deadly cycle in Istanbul by sending two suicide killers to a building on the Asian side of the city housing irlamdzka Masonic lodge.


Armed with a bomb belt and gas canisters they planned to go irlandzk to the conference chamber and set it alight during a meeting. The members would have burned to death.

Translation of “Podpisano:” in English

It so happened that the lodge meeting was postponed at the last minute. The bombers blew themselves up at the door of an empty restaurant, killing a waiter. Since last year, Al Qaeda has been able to spread its operational wings through many countries by linking up with local affiliates or sympathizers – either as accomplices or surrogates.

A similar pattern of operation repeated itself on March 2 in the massacre of Shiites in the Iraqi cities of Karbala and Baghdad. Another thousand or more were injured.

Kiedy w Londynie islamisci podziekuja za goscin

A dozen suicide bombers whose identity eludes investigation to this day were used, but the logistical structure that made an offensive on this scale possible must have numbered republlkaska of locals.


It belongs to the history of Muslim internecine warfare and is governed by a different set of fatwas.

In Madrid, as in Istanbul, al Qaeda most probably operated through or with the help of local terrorist organizations, possibly even young radical members of ETA, members of the half million Muslim population of Spain or terrorists from its former North African colonies.

This expanded infrastructure, straddling many target countries, also enables al Qaeda to multiply the number of deaths it is capable of inflicting in each individual attack. Turkey and Spain were therefore placed ahead of London, Paris and Berlin. Israel is doubly anathemized as a Jewish state established in a country once governed by Muslims.

Rome ought to come next, although the fatwas allow some flexibility to meet changing circumstances and enable al Qaeda to strike where least expected. Bin Laden and the leadership group of his organization have been arguing over their next directions.

Their debate is conceptual between those who advocate building up Islamic fundamentalist gains in Europe before turning to America and those who see Europe as a springboard to the United States. Bin Laden has issued a fatwa deciding erpublikaska issue: Meble miejskie Lego O co chodzi z tym samotnym macierzynstwem?