For medium to heavy weights, the U2A load cell is an excellent choice for suspended tank weighing, as well as for band scales and metering / batchingscales. HBM > Load Cells > Tension / Compression Load Cells > U2A > U2A – Load cell 3D CAD models. 50,8. 25,4. M8. kg. M8. kg. M B‐ en. HBM. 2 . 1-U2A/5T/ZGUW. Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik .

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The variants with kg, 1 t, 2 t, and 5 t maximum capacity meet the D1 accuracy class. It bbm legal for trade and has an IP68 degree of protection.

Defender Ohaus Square Scale. HBMshop See prices, availability and get an instant quote. MR02 Mark Force Sensor. MR50 Mark Torque Sensor.

B6E – Zemic Single Point. Alleyway Platform Tru-Test Livestock. PS Salter Brecknell Scale. Get a quote now! Loop Converter for Printers. Lead Seal Supply Part. GS – General Sensor.

  LEY 25345 PDF

Adventurer Pro Carat Ohaus Scale. ubm

Catapult Ohaus Scale. U2A – Istruzioni di montaggio. TDE16 beam only – Totalcomp. These can, for example, include suspended tanks, conveyor or batching scales, or hybrid scales. TB Portion Control Baker? TW Metric Troemner Weights. Sealing Press Supply Part.

Load Cell U2A with INA P

AG Scaime Single Point. TC Swaged Totalcomp Mounting. Galvanized floor scale base. Defender Ohaus Scale. Aluminum Seal Supply Part. TC Ubm Totalcomp Mounting. GB – General Sensor. PT Intercomp Wheel Load.

Defender W Ohaus Scale. MR55 Mark Torque Sensor. Defender Ohaus Paint Rectangle Scale. TM59 Totalcomp Tank Mount. Navigator XT Ohaus Industrial.

Further information can be found ua2 the data sheet. Defender Xtreme Ohaus Rectangle Scale. Defender Ohaus Indicator.

HBM load cell U2A with 50kg,100kg,200kg weighing scale for Additive weighting

TP Totalcomp Single Point. TS Totalcomp S Type.

Valor Ohaus Scale. Quick-Check Dillon Tension Meter. Twisted Pairs Totalcomp Digital. PC1 Flintec Single Point. MG Mark Force Gauge.


U2A – Load cell

Summing Card Cambridge J Box. Strain-gauge full bridge in 6-wire configuration Version: Mark Grips and Attachments. D Diamond Single Point.

Body Fat Totalcomp Scale. Conduit Adapter Vishay J Box.

Free 3D CAD Models – PARTcommunity – Free 2D & 3D CAD Models and Social Community for Engineers

Adventurer Analytical and Precision. The robust C2 series load cells made of stainless-steel have an excellent dynamic fatigue strength and a particularly flat design.

U2A – Prospetto dati. Brass Cylindrical Totalcomp Weights. AW Evergreen Weigh Scales.