Fritzel FB HF Beam. Read more.. Availability: Out of stock. Backorder possible . € This is not a stock item. Please send an email for expected delivery. Bei den Maßabweichungen schreibt Fritzel Elementlänge ±10mm und bei Abständen ±50mm ohne praktische Beam ist von FB FRITZEL FB Specifications, electrical, 20m-Band, 15m-Band, 10m-Band. Elements, active in band number, 3, 3, 3. Boom Length active for band in use λ.

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Fritzel FB-33

I had something to do the next day. Aber vielleicht hat ja noch einer hier die vom FB33!? Here the director trap is the same as the FB and FB radiator trap.

I took out the original tiny voltage balun and installed a home made current balun. Ich kann Dir nur vom FB23 die Daten liefern: Fritel they are here not used for some time, it was possible to measure my stock elements.

That means without cover and some with a not to dismantle antenna tube. The resonance’s are not so far apart.

On that same tube I placed some small beams vertically for the same bands, 2 meter and 70 cm, keeping them at least a half wavelength from each other. There are baluns for even more power in the market. Abstand Reflektor-Strahler 2,90m und Strahler-Direktor 1,90m.


For me, W does the job as f33 antenna sits at 30 meters ft.

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friitzel I decided to put one steel pipe with the Yaesu rotor at the far side of the house, nearby the shack with one on top to reach a height of 30 ft. At first I have to make an announcement that frotzel call is being abused in the DX cluster s by other person s.

They should assembled directed to the feed point of the antenna. Ich sende auch gern weitere Kopien aus meiner alten Montageanleitung zu!

Der Beam ist von When I came home, that already happened. Deswegen tut sich auch kaum etwas wenn die Antennen gedreht werden 73 Peter. Hallo Albert, ich wette dagegen!

For an antenna which has been in operation for close to 30 years, the wear and tear is negligible; proof of good workmanship.

Amateurfunk Forum • Elementabstände Fritzel FB33

The FB33 driven element was bent and almost scrap. Das stammt alles noch aus alten Fritzel Zeiten, zumindest sind das die Scans seiner Prospekte.

I think which the blowing wind flexed the element and the repeat movement modified the tube just with localised stress just where the electrical contact are made. Damage due to a dirty vintage trap and power exceeding.

After putting up this tower and repair of the damaged antenna I was back on air again. With two screws the interior may be removed. I told him about my earlier problems and invited him over to my house to see for himself, and told him I also had some troubles back in and which resulted in an approval for all of my antenna farm, as the vertical on the chimney, the vertical HyGain AV for the XYL and my tower with antenna s.


These messages are Read More When the antenna is remounted you’re not the first to discover that the SWR is poor due to a wrong installed trap.

Momentary more power is possible, but if they are oxidized or contaminated by insects, arcing may occur. If you want to buy something 2nd hand, look at the size of the traps, the diameter of the tubes and the version of the balun. The contact surface is 45 times increased compared with a wire eyelet plus rivet.

Where to put them: Apart from the permanent damage caused to the hot toroid, the shell partially melted fritzfl changed shape. So I informed at two of my nextdoor neighbours about getting one antenna instead of three.