The DULCOMETER D1C for wall mounting or control panel installation is a measuring transducer and controller featuring microprocessor technology and. DULCOMETER® D1C panel/wall mount controllers. What do I need to order with a D1C? Chlorine. pH. ORP. D1C Controller. D1C controller. D1C controller. PROMINENT type: DULCOMETER D1C based on microprocessor technology Product: Single loop -Mess and control unit: VAC 50 / 60Hz products as an.

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In order to give you a better service ProMinent uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Safe, convenient and clear, thanks to the large illuminated graphic display, plain text operating menu and pH sensor monitoring.

The sensors for pH and ORP can be directly connected via coaxial cable or using the mA sensor input. The controller can bidirectionally control the measured variables The physical variables to be determined by measuring. The mA output can optionally also be configured as an interference variable output. The controller has two pulse frequency outputs to control two metering pumps raise and lower. Two output relays can optionally be used as limit value relays or to control motor-driven pumps or solenoid valves.

An alarm relay signals the occurrence of a fault. A digital input is used to switch off the control or to process a sample water limit contact by remote control.

The impact of temperature on the measurements can be provided by temperature measurement or by manual input. Menu-driven operation is possible in 20 languages. Various procedures are used to disinfect swimming pool water. Alongside the conventional metering of chlorine, use of cost-effective and environmentally-friendly electrolysis systems is also worthwhile for private pools.

Fresh fruit and veg are an essential part of our diet. So it’s very important for them to reach the consumer in a safe condition. Precise metering of chlorine dioxide ensures that this is the case.

Drinkable water is scarce. Only a fraction of all the world’s water can be consumed. So the ability to treat brackish water and seawater is of interest to many countries and islands.

Duldometer an essential nutrient, water must satisfy very strict quality controls. ProMinent offers sophisticated disinfection technology that reliably removes viruses, bacteria and microorganisms. Modern dylcometer systems are increasingly taking the place of chlorine for conventional disinfection. These systems are easy to install, provide even safer disinfection and significantly lower operating costs at the same time.

It can be disastrous for any hotel if guests come down with legionella and seek claims for damages from the company. ProMinent provides effective solutions for eliminating legionella dulcoeter other pathogens in the long term. More and more people are enjoying delicacies from our seas. Fish farms and also the fish processing industry therefore face the huge challenge of producing goods quickly and hygienically.


Disinfected water is essential to both industries. Flocculants allow the smallest of particles to be removed from the swimming pool water. In turn, our high-precision solenoid metering pumps d1x the precise and continuous supply of small volumes of these flocculants.

Modern UV or ozone systems minimise the by-products resulting from chlorine disinfection. What’s more, they are easy to install, improve water quality and cut operating costs significantly. Fresh bedding and sweet-smelling towels in rooms, spotlessly clean dishes and fine dining in the restaurant — desalinated and germ-free water is absolutely essential.

You have the staff, we have the system technology. A large share of the bakery products we consume today are manufactured by machine. Producing goods dulcometsr taste dulcomete right requires precise metering of the individual ingredients.

PH controller – DULCOMETER® Type D1Cb/ D1Cc – ProMinent GmbH

Baths have to be monitored and replenished continually. This requires high concentration – from the sensors, controllers and pumps. Yet only small amounts of precisely fed chemicals are needed. Clean potable water is a basic requirement for guest satisfaction and therefore commercial success. ProMinent’s treatment systems enable you to provide outstanding quality water all year round. ProMinent turns water into hygienically perfect potable water — with powerful systems and components, which can be ready mounted for operation or individually configured.

ProMinent DULCOMETER D1C Type D Operating Instructions Manual

Dulcoeter oxidation improves water quality by eliminating many harmful substances and improving appearance, odour and taste. No one wants to drink brown water. To guarantee an end product fit for purpose, ProMinent ensures optimum water quality at every stage of production, thereby reliably complying with statutory hygiene standards. Unwanted particles and turbidity are removed from the water by sand or membrane filtration.

An even more effective process is to filter using upstream flocculation or precipitation.

DULCOMETER Controller D1C series

Dulcomeger substances allow smaller particles to become larger, so dissolved substances can flocculate. After the water has been treated, its quality should not change. Stabilisation maintains the quality of the water during distribution and use. You are an expert in pampering your guests, young and old, with everything they could desire.

This usually includes an attractive swimming pool or even a luxurious spa. This is where one of our core skills come in. The use of metering technology and water treatment solutions may vary considerably depending on the industry and application. Rely on our decades of experience and know-how to find the safest and most efficient solution for you. When it comes to thorough waste water treatment, we provide not just pumps, sensors and controllers, but also our comprehensive expertise in water treatment for electroplating.

Very low-impact treatment for waste water. Our intelligent processes efficiently clean and save money too. Our water treatment technology delivers thorough yet environmentally friendly waste water treatment.

What’s more, with precisely metered additives and optimised processes, you also save money. Water softening is a key element of water treatment for public swimming pools. Soft water reduces the likelihood of operating system failure and ensures that the pool attractions look their very best.


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We will contact you shortly. Or please give us a call or send us an e-mail. We will be more than happy to help you personally with more information or quotes regarding our products. Faithful to our self-image: Find your local contact. Extremely simple operation, clear construction, analogue control, manual control or via contacts.

Chlorine dioxide system for continuous production, metering and monitoring of chlorine dioxide with concentrated chemicals. Chlorine dioxide system for production of a chlorine-free chlorine dioxide solution, especially suitable for multiple points of injection. Chlorine dioxide system for monitoring and metering chlorine dioxide and diluted chemicals. Maximum output and safety due to special reactor concept. Do you wish a simple controller for water analysis?

One that is easy to operate and with which you can freely select between all common measured variables per channel? Precise, reliable and application-adapted measured values in real time.

Can be used in water treatment or industrial process waters with strict requirements. Control, regulate and monitor chemical processes with the aid of precise measured values.

Safe metering in disinfection processes with bromine. The robustness of the sensors makes them suitable for wide range of water qualities. Efficient and reliable method of determining the concentration of hydrogen peroxide – can be used in a wide range of applications.

Measuring ozone in oxidation and disinfection applications: Precise and reliable for disinfection in safety-sensitive applications in the food, pharmaceutical and medical industries.

Can also be used in waste water treatment. Accurate measured values and a high dulcomefer of monitoring and process reliability are guaranteed. Can be used for direct temperature measurement or temperature compensation during measurement of pH, fluoride, conductivity, chlorine dioxide or hydrogen peroxide. Generation of sodium hypochlorite solution for smaller swimming pools and pools: Cost-effective, robust and compact.

Controller DULCOMETER® D1Cb/D1Cc – ProMinent

Ultra-pure or low-chloride and low-chlorate sodium-calcium hypochlorite requires specialist system technology. Can be used for potable water, waste water, process water, swimming pool water and in cooling towers.

Chlorination and pH value adjustment from a single system. Suited to applications for metering hypochlorous acid and simultaneously correcting the pH value.

Maximum protection against corrosion and very good cost efficiency because of dulcommeter chloride. A key advantage is its simple process management and excellent system safety through integral ventilation and dulcometter. It controls the entire range of swimming pools — from adventure pools to private pools.