South Korea’s top spy agency, the National Intelligence Service, said last week that it is difficult to pinpoint the blame for the Cheonan sinking. ABSTRACT. This paper revisits the sinking of a South Korean naval ship called the Cheonan in March , which profoundly undermined the. President Lee Myung-bak told military intelligence confirms sinking of navy corvette by North Korean submarine.

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Analysts said there is little South Korea can do even if Pyongyang is found to be the culprit because a military response was likely to hurt its own cheoban economy and bolster North Korean leader Kim Jong-il’s standing at home.

The entire episode is totally implausible. On 20 May the South Korean-led investigation group released a summary of their report [3] [25] [59] in which they concluded that the sinking of the warship was the result of a North Korean torpedo attack, commenting that “The evidence points overwhelmingly to the conclusion that the torpedo was fired by a North Korean submarine.

Lee said during a speech in the national assembly that while the Defense Ministry had said there was sinkiny feed from a thermal observation device showing the moment the warship’s stern and bow split apart, such a video did exist. The full report had not been released to the public at this time, [68] though the South Korean legislature was provided with a five-page synopsis of the report.

Archived from the original on Naval engagements of the Korean War. Air was pumped into the ship to keep any survivors alive. Part of the Korean conflict. Retrieved 26 November Since the incident, the South Cheonnan government has been reluctant to engage in further diplomacy with North Korea over disputes such as North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. Archived copy as title link PDFand cgeonan writers were particular enough to include in quotes as we present it.


Retrieved 2 May On Friday, 26 Marchan explosion sikning reported to have occurred near Cheonana Pohang -class corvette sinklng, [23] near the stern of the ship at 9: Archived from the original on 5 May Retrieved 4 April Retrieved 26 December The sinnking is the site of considerable tension between the two states; although it was provided in the armistice agreement for the stalemate of the Korean war that the islands themselves belonged to the South, the sea boundary was not covered by the armisticeand the sea is claimed by the North.

Korea divided — Prelude to war They would revert to a wartime footing in regard to South Korea and disallow any South Korean ships or aircraft to enter the territory of North Korea. Sanger 29 June The recovered sections of the torpedo which the inquiry said were dredged from the seabed where the Cheonan sunk were covered in barnacles and looked like it had been under water for months, if not years.

North Korea: ‘No apology’ for S Korea Cheonan sinking

North Korea presumed Korean People’s Navy presumed. According to the leader of the investigation, residue on the hull of the ship that was claimed to have been aluminum oxidewhich is a byproduct of explosions such as that of a torpedo, had a far higher ratio of oxygen to aluminum, leading the researchers to conclude that “we cannot say that the substance adhering to the Cheonan was the explosion byproduct of aluminum oxide.

Two weeks after the enquiry Japan duly caved in to US pressure on the issue. There was originally a plan to also use electronic signs, although due to cost, the plan was reportedly being reconsidered.

Retrieved 29 June North Korea responded by putting its troops on high alert, and severed most remaining ties and communications with South Korea in response to what it called a “smear campaign” by Seoul. South Korea’s Minister of Public Administration and Security, Maeng Hyung-kyu, announced on 20 May that the government was stepping up efforts to prosecute people who spread “groundless rumors” over the internet: The New York Times.


Some initial reports suggested that the ship was hit cheonqn a North Korean torpedo, and that the South Korean vessel had returned fire. Australians to join probe into S. Advances in Acoustics and Vibration.

Cheonan sinking was orchestrated by intelligence agency led by Kim Yong-chul: defense chief

Retrieved from ” https: The team returned to Russia with samples for further physical-chemical analysis. Retrieved 29 March Immediately after the incident US and South Korea defence officials unanimously agreed the sinking was “an accident” and that no unusual North Korean ship, cheonab or troop movements had been detected.

But within a few weeks the officials had all changed their cheoann. Yonhap said the South Korean and US military suspected the North was stepping up drills to infiltrate a submarine south of the naval border, hidden among Chinese fishing boats, enabling it to spring a surprise attack against the South.

Ina documentary film named Project Cheonan Ship was released in South Korea about the sinking, including a number of possible alternative causes for the sinking. An international team, comprising experts from South Korea, the US, Britain, Australia and Sweden produced parts of the tail section of a torpedo that matched captured blue prints of a CHTD torpedo being offered for export by Pyongyang.

Shin 26 May Inconsistencies in South Korea’s Cheonan Report”. Lee and Kwang-Tae Kim in Seoul contributed to this report. The South Korean military announced that it would resume psychological warfare directed at North Korea.

This theory, circulating in early May, took a direct hit when the Columbia showed up at its home port of Hawaii a few days sinkign 8.