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Couldn’t say if I noticed from the outside but I noticed a marked reduction in noise driving it.

FG7 – Northern Ireland

A fast growing supplier of high quality replacement car parts for cars from Asia and Europe Website. We care about our reputation. The Reliance Bearing and Gear Co. For what it’s worth: Optimal — supplying quality spare parts for axles, brakes, steering mechanisms, engines and other automotive products since its establishment in Draper cayalogue a wide range of workshop tools and general items which are often required in a workshop.

I believe that neither is original since they have been messed around with to fit. However, looks like I have the choice of two, one of which won’t order. So – does anyone know what these parts are actually called and does anyone have them for sale? Pfft, I’d pay a tenner each if I knew they were the right ones I also found the nut for the front crossmember on Restagraf, but like everything else, nothing tallies up with it on Service Box.

I’ve no idea what the slots and holes are for, maybe this will become more apparent when I try to fit the thing. Hmm, on the other hand the 4 bolts holding it to the restagrqf would be good enough without the brackets After a good few hours of Googling I’ve found out who makes subframe cage nuts, they’re M10 versions of the M12 cage nuts that nobody can find to hold towbars on.

  LP1 UC10E 1 PDF

Over 25 years of sourcing, manufacturing and restagdaf motor accessories to the motor and allied trades. The 4 nuts that I was maybe expecting to be in the subframe aren’t, the one cage nut under the radiator which holds the weird beak-like thing at the front isn’t there bolt not even mentioned in Service Box and, last but waayyyyyyyyyyy from being least, there is nothing on the chassis rails to bolt the brackets to at all, no holes, nada.

Unless I’m comparing it to the yoyo but I doubt it. NGK has become the brand leader in the UK spark plug market and the number one choice of the professional as a result of its quality, technical excellence and total commitment to Research and Development.

Restagraf Catalogue

Discuss the ‘s Bodywork stuff in here what parts fit what, what can be interchanged with what etc etc. I’d be very interested in any pictures measurements, diagrams Over 25 years of sourcing, manufacturing and distributing motor accessories to the motor rwstagraf allied trades Website.

Kerplunked Reason not withstanding The plate will still unbolt if anything needs to be got to. And I may as well, the screws: Or maybe I’ll just ask the guy in the paint shop what he’s got a lot of hanging around. The range offers high quality clutch kits, concentric slave cylinders and solid flywheel kits Website.

It’s such a damn weird shape I think anyone would be hard pushed to make another one, unless they had the car raised up so they could do some measuring on the actual car and make it just using my pics as a guide. Sandhurst Autoprint is the leading suppliers of number plate components, printers and accessories.


Autodistribution – Spécialiste de la Pièces Auto

I think I’ll paint it a nice, vibrant I also got fed up with how long it takes to put text and stuff on a pic using psp – easier to just draw it on freehand. I could see myself ending up touring Zagreb looking for the damn things so I thought I may as well pay through the nose and have done. Champion is one of the world’s most respected brands, providing a wide array of service replacement parts.

Let me know how you get on, I’d be very interested in any pictures measurements, diagrams Cifam manufacture high quality brake and clutch hydraulics. Exedy are the market leader in aftermarket and OE clutch suppliers for all Japanese car manufacturers. Autel is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of professional diagnostic tools, equipments and accessories in the automotive aftermarket.

Oh, and on a completely different subject, you remember that LED reversing light bulb I fitted? And then I’ll try to fit it I still didn’t get around to doing the other side but as I backed it into the garage in the twilight I finally realised that it’s actually a lot brighter than the other side. Delta Adhesives are premium quality adhesives manufactured to the highest quality.