Get this from a library! Capitalismo y subdesarrollo en América Latina. [Andre Gunder Frank]. Capitalismo y subdesarrollo en América Latina by Andre Gunder Frank; 1 edition; First published in ; Subjects: Accessible book, Protected. Capitalismo y subdesarrollo en América Latina. Front Cover. Andre Gunder Frank. Siglo Veintiuno Argentina, – Brazil – pages.

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Publications in pamphlets have been assigned to one of the three categories. The bibliography contains items published in 25 different languages.

The bibliography avoids listing the same item a dozen or more times in different languages and in various different versions of the same item in one language.

If the different editions of the 34 books and the about versions of over articles in periodicals, as well as the chapters in collections, were each listed with the title under which they were published, the bibliography would be almost twice as long and take up nearly double the space below. Therefore, the bibliography is organizied as follows:.

Each title is listed only once, in English or Spanish. For instance, Capitalism and Underdevelopment in Latin America was published in 11 different language editions; but the book title is listed only once with its different editions listed below it.

Frank, Andre Gunder (1929-)

Lumpendevelopment was published in 14 different editions, which include 8 different Spanish language editions in as many countries. Only these editions, but not titles, are listed separately. The latiina of printings of each edition is indicated where known. The Spanish “2a edicion” is listed as the same edition, since it means and is counted as a 2nd printing.

The books are listed in chronological order by first publication in English or Spanish.

Catalog Record: Capitalismo y subdesarrollo en América Latina | Hathi Trust Digital Library

The English or Spanish title subdssarrollo each book is then followed by the publishers, places of and dates of publication in different languages without mentioning their translated titles. A book is also listed under the same title when its content is essentially, even if not entirely, the same. Underdevelopment capitalimo Revolution were combined into a single book in Japanese. It is listed only once under the first title.

Chapters by Frank in the co-edited, but not in the co-authored, books are listed again under collections. They are also called anthologies, readers, or volumes edited by others.

Each collection is listed separately. It is listed in the language in which it appears, unless it amruca transliterated from a non Roman script j Arabic or translated from a non Indo-European or a Slavic language. The same item, for instance “The Development of Underdevelopment,” appears in many different collections, each of which is listed separately.


New editions of the same collection are not listed again unless their contents have changed very significantly. In some collections, a particular item by Frank that may have appeared in a shortened form nonetheless appears with the same title. The Collections are listed in chronological order by date of publication. These subdesarrollo academic journals, magazines, newspapers, and some other periodical series, like proceedings or some pamphlet series.

In most cases, especially for the s and s, the title a particular article like “The Development of Underdevelopment” is listed only once, by preference in English, if it was published in that language, and by second preference in Spanish if the item was not published in English.

If an article was only published in some other language, like German, the title appears in that language. The list is in more or less chronological order by year of first publication in English or Spanish.

The periodicals, places and dates of other gunddr of the same article are then listed under its title, even though in some cases that publication may have trank many years later. In translation of course, the title of each article is different, and sometimes very different. Nonetheless, the article is listed under the same title if its contents are the same or essentially so.

Sometimes, essentially the same article was published in versions of different length and somewhat different content. Even so, the different versions are mostly listed under one title as the same article. For more recent years, however, articles are sometimes listed separately as published. Therefore, the same article is sometimes listed again in different languages or versions.

Page numbers are indicated where easily available. If not, they are omitted.

Where some information like volume, number or precise date of publication is not readily available, the item is listed with the information that is available. The principle here is, better some incomplete information than none at all. Efforts were made to make this bibliography as accurate as possible. However, errors of comission and omission, typing, and typesetting are bound to creep in, particularly regarding numbers in dates, volume or page numbers, etc.

An effort has been made to achieve some uniformity of notational style for the listings within each of the three categories of publications. The lists were compiled using copies of the original publications and many earlier lists with very different styles of notation.

  CEI EN 62305-2 PDF

Frank, Andre Gunder () – People and organisations – Trove

Mostly, the simplest style, using the fewest punctuation marks was preferred. Months of publication are usually given in English, and often in abbreviated form, eg. However, when a publication in another language itself mentiones enero or janiero, that wording is sometimes retained.

Gunddr numbers are usually given as Vol. For various reasons of convenience, some differences in notational style was retained between the three categories of books, collection, and periodicals.

Even so, the bibliography is incomplete. Recent visits to large libraries with computerized catalogs, like the Library of Congress and the University of California Libraries in the United States, have revealed published versions of the author’s writings in book or pamphlet form, of whose existence he was not previously aware.

If the author’s writings are published as books or pamphlets without his knowledge, the same happens all the the more so in periodical publications. These are not usually catalogued and many are not indexed.

Even those that are, may not be known or accessible. Penguin Books Paris: Maspero Editeurlatinz printings Torino: Einaudi Editore,4 printings Frankfurt: Bo Caferfors Helsinki: Tammi La Habana: Instituto del Libro Buenos Aires: Tsuge Shobo, 3 printings Latin America: Underdevelopment or Revolution New York: Monthly Review Press7 printings Paris: Einaudi Editore Stockholm: Ediciones ERA2 printings Frankfurt: Monthly Review Press Caracas: Ediciones Oveja Negra Montevideo: Ediciones La Banda Oriental Santiago: Prensa Latinoamericana La Habana: Ediciones Laia2 printings Paris: Maspero Editeur2 printings Milano: Gabriele Mazotta Oporto: Editora Portocalense Amsterdam: Van Gennep Tokyo: Pluto Press Stockholm: Ediciones Anagrama Mexico: Escuela Nacional de Antropologia e Historia2 printings Montevideo: Lampugnani Nigri Editore Coimbra: Editora Centelha Teheran: Latin America’s Political Economy with J.

Andre Gunder Frank: Personal and Professional

Doubleday Anchor Books Buenos Aires: Ediciones Signos Dependencia with P. Aspectos de la Realidad Latinoamericana with O.

Quien es el Enemigo Immediato? Editorial Centro de Estudios Politicos On Capitalist Underdevelopment Bombay: Oxford University Press, 4 printings Milano: Edizione Jaca Amriica Barcelona: Editorial Anagrama Lisboa: Universidad Central de Venezuela. Economic Genocide in Chile Nottingham: Spokesman Books Madrid: Ediciones Zero Coimbra: Editora Centelha Freiburg: Iz3W No Esperar a Edicienoes Zero Milano: Iniciativas Editoriais Barcelona: Editorial Anagrama Paris: Maspero Editeur Hamburg: Rowohlt Verlag Oslo: