ARTEP DRILL. CHAPTER 1. Battle Drill Training. General. The goal of training is to produce combat ready units that respond to. ARTEP DRILLARMY TRAINING AND EVALUATON PROGRAM No. DRILL Headquarters Department of the Army Washington, DC. My ARMY Publications ARTEP , Drills for the Inf Mortar Plt, Sect, and Sq This book is a “mini” (8 1/2 inches high by 5 1/2 inches wide) size – A popular size .

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An occupant of the vehicle has been injured and must be evacuated. It describes a training method for small units. This page intentionally left blank. The unit identifies and confirms an IED or one is detonated. Train to sustain proficiency.

Direct Fire Dismounted – See Figure 1. Battle drill training is a key factor in achieving this goal. The driver stops the vehicle and the vehicle commander dismounts and occupies a security position.

Soldier s who recognize or are alerted to chemical attack don protective mask IAW published standards and give the alarm. Implement controls by integrating them into plans, orders, standing operating procedures SOPstraining performance standards, and rehearsals.


A battle 7-1-dril is a collective action executed by a platoon or smaller element without the application of a deliberate decision making process.

Artep 7 1 Drill

The Soldier who spots the enemy announces the contact. Any Soldier announces, “Incoming!

Soldiers hear a chemical alarm, observe an unknown gas or liquid, or are ordered to put on their protective mask. If the roadway is clear, all vehicles proceed through the kill zone. The purpose of evaluating a drill is to 7-1-crill if the unit can perform all the performance measures within the allowed standards.

An example technique is the meters; each Soldier immediately scans 5 meters around his position and then searches out to 25 meters based on the duration of the halt.

The leader gives the direction and link up location over the radio. Soldiers artel MOPP4 within eight minutes.

ARTEP 7-90, Drills for the Inf Mortar Plt, Sect, and Sq

After the impacts, Soldiers move rapidly in the direction and distance to the designated rally point. Reimer Training and Doctrine Digital Library at www. Battle Drill D – Dismount a Vehicle. Send comment and recommendations to doctrine benning. Direct Fire Mounted a.

Evacuate Wounded Personnel from Vehicle D React to ambush far dismounted arhep. Proper execution of battle drills is vital to success in combat and critical to preserving life. Immediate Assault 1 The platoon and the enemy simultaneously detect each other at close range. Secure at halt mounted herringbone continued. A leader identifies the enemy as a superior force, and makes the decision to break contact.


Artep 7 1 Drill – [PDF Document]

This method requires artwp individual tasks, leader tasks, and collective tasks before the conduct of critical wartime missions. Unless otherwise stated, masculine nouns and pronouns do not refer exclusively to men.

Train using appropriate doctrine. Squad leaders reposition their Soldiers as needed in overwatch positions.

During training exercises, practice trash and litter discipline. The drivers move their vehicles to the 7-1-driol dismount point seeking the best cover and concealment available. Use the following when developing training: Unit leaders must consider the following points as they integrate risk assessment into their training: In reality, risk management is smart decision making. Distribution authorized to United States U.