Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Elegant Gypsy – Al Di Meola on AllMusic – – Guitarist Al di Meola’s second record as a. Elegant Gypsy is a music studio album recording by AL DI MEOLA (Jazz Rock/ Fusion/Progressive Rock) released in on cd, lp / vinyl and/or cassette. Al DiMeola’s second album Elegant Gypsy () proved to become one of the defining albums in Fusion.

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Flight Over Rio 7: Elegant Gypsy Suite 9: This album is instrumental. Probably the best song in the album. I say probably because the album itself has this amazing quality of musicianship, technique, and songwriting. The song begins with a dimeila guitar riff, builds up in a jazz-fusion rhythms, and explodes in an accelerated musical nirvana in which a synthesizer and a guitar duel each other. Do you remember Wakeman and Steve dueling on elehant Yes tour?

That’s nothing compared to this!!! The song continues in a latin rhythm with latin percussions kind of Santana-like and finishes in the same way it started. This is another song with latin touches in its percussion and rhythm. However, it is fusioned to jazz with amazing results. The guitar is absolutely phenomenal here and the keyboard behind that guitar jazzy gives what the song needs to sound with perfection.

There is also a distorted guitar or bass riff that really shines.

After some great soloing, another fabolous riff melts you, gives you a thousand goosebumps, and floors you. I just can’t believe how powerful the music in this CD really is!

The song ends with a good drum duet which wasn’t really necessary but it does not really hurt the quality of the song 9. This hypsy a song in which guitar virtuoso Paco De Lucia harmonizes his acoustic guitar with Meola’s one.

The song sounds almost like flamenco with its extremely fast acoustic guitar playing style.


This is one of my father’s favourite songs of all times and I gypdy why: It is a flawless showcase of Meola’s talents. The song begins with a fast bass riff riff played with latin percussions and is sometimes interfered with lighting speed guitar runs.

After that section is over, the music is more relaxing and is led by a guitar solo. The bass playing in here is pretty good and loud. The next sections involved in extremely fast drumming and riffing until a beautiful leaping guitar lick begins what is known as a masterful guitar solo. After that is over, the song takes yet another shift with similar riffs and themes but in different rhythms and continues to shift back and forth with noticeable differences and more guitar soloing until it ends with a fadeout.

This has to be the most dynamic and unpredictable song on the eleganf and a beautiful one, even if it is not a highlight of the album. An acoustic track that lets you room to breath before you get to the epic The most challenging song of the album. This little piece is outstanding and is as good if not better as Horizons from Genesis.

The beginning of the track is majestic a bit playful, and obviously very complex. The riffs are very weird and interesting here, as well as the guitar sounds produced with whatever pedals he had dimeolw. After a riff repeated a big number of times, the song transform into an atmospheric section in which an amazing and extremely strange synthesizer solo dominates for over a minute and leave you surprised a synthesizer can sound so GOOD!

The song later gets very jazzy and continues with more unusual riffing that sound very good and interesting after repeated listens. I especially love that muted guitar riff that occurs after a heavy riff somewhere close to the end of the song. The song ends very unexpectedly, but it is a good ending. Flight Over Rio opens the album with some intuitive bass riffing from Anthony Jackson and some very smooth keyboards from Jan Hammer.

There’s a definite mellow mood during this introduction, but once Di Meola enters everything slowly changes. It opens the album brilliantly, and dimeoka quality of the songs never really goes down.

Midnight Tango has a very mellow atmopshere in comparison to Flight Over Rio, with some intuitive soloing from Di Meola over a steady rhythm section and some great wavy piano lines. Slowly the pace increases, although not to the pace of the first track. The well timed chord based bass guitar work is also really well conceived. The interplay between these two and later along with John McLaughlin on Friday Night in San Francisco is incredible and shows some stellar abilities for both musicians who take turns hammering out the main dimmeola while another solos on top of it, eventually becoming a duel solo movement.


Race With Devil on Spanish Highway is probably my favorite song on this album. Beginning with a strong percussive rhythm and a cool bass line, the song soon evolves into an all out shred piece with riff after riff of powerful guitar lines that intertwine and spell out brilliance.

There’s a riff in this song that the group Liquid Tension Experiment would also quote in their song Acid Rain or so I believe, they are very very similar. But besides that, there’s nothing to dislike about this song, it’s just high energy and very inspiring to listen to. It is a little acoustic ditty that has some very somber playing on the part of both Di Meola and Paco de Lucia, who create a very mellow and light atmosphere with this piece. The album ends with the song Elegant Gypsy Suite, which begins with some acoustic work from Paco de Lucia before becoming a nicely flowing piece, with a great bassline from Anthony Jackson and some great underlying percussion from Mingo Lewis.

Throughout the 9 minutes of the track, there is a great sense of evolution and progression, and I never really tire of this stellar piece.

In the end, Elegant Gypsy is right up there with Bill Bruford’s One of a Kind as one of my favorite records in the jazz rock genre. There’s a lot of excellent musicianship, killer songs, great arrangements, and an overall spectacular feel I get from this album.

As I said in my opening paragraph, fans of guitar oriented music and highly technical jazz rock will probably be right at home with this album. I can’t call this album anything less than a masterpiece and I am very impressed with this album. You probably won’t be either. An awfully short bossa “Lady Of Rome, Sister Of Brazil” follows which could had gone a bit longer and then the title track suite ends the album in style.

I would also like to give high praise to the musicians that appeared on this album, particularly bassist Anthony Jackson who reminds a lot to Stanley Clarke at times with the power chords.

‎Elegant Gypsy & More (Live) by Al Di Meola on Apple Music

I’ll give 5 stars to this one, and I’m pretty sure it’s not the only one I’d be giving to this superb musician’s discography. There is some scorching guitar 3 minutes in and check out DiMeola and Hammer trading solos! The song ends as it began. It’s a jazzy tune with some great percussion from Lenny White towards the end. Again i’m so impressed at how smooth DiMeola’s playing is when he’s playing so fast.

It’s like he has the ability to slow it all down in his mind and it seems so effortless on his part. And he has surrounded himself with some very talented musicians. This song shows the elegant side of the gypsy. You’ve heard nothing zl.

De Lucia and DiMeola lay down impossibly complex riffs using God knows how many effects, and Jan Hammer’s dieola is one of his finest performances. This epic track alone is worth the price of the album, which is nicely quite cheap. If you are a fan of prog, fusion, or even just the guitar, get this album. Al seamlessly dmeola jazz, latin music, and guitar-based rock into one of the three best fusion elwgant of all time the other two being Mahavishnu’s Birds of Fire and Bruford’s One of a Kind.

Second solo album by the Italian-origined American guitarist who had a strong Spanish desire, Elegant Gypsy is usually regarded as his best solo album, even if this writer begs to differ!

Indeed, EG draws on the same kind of fusion jazz-rock of Return To Forever, crossed with Santana’s better moments from Caravanserai to Borboletta and Mahavishnu Orchestra’s first period. Graced with a typical tasteless romantic late 70’s artwork the disastrous and XXX fantasy of Gypsy women portrayed by Carmen the groupStevie Nicks, the Wilson sisters of Heart and morethis album is nevertheless a real strong outing, although a bit too close to the previous Midnight Sun.


Flight over Rio cannot escape comparison with Santana, mostly due to the Latin-fusion percussions, but ADM’s guitar tone is a bit too resembling also. Midnight Tango starts out well enough, but by mid-track it can’t escape a cheesy fondue moments although it could please some progheads that lasts the rest of the track, until an atrocious well ill-advised pzercussion solo, that’s been done better elsewhere. I’m not sure this type of choice is judicious to ADM’s career.

A fairly insignificant acoustic guitar short piece follows, then the album plunges into the title track suite, which is need the album’s highlight with Flight Over Rio.

On this track, we approach the perfection of the debut album’s title track. Bookended by a great funky groove, the middle is dominated by wonderful synth and guitar interplay. Not to be forgotten is the percussion–liveliness and originality without detracting from the other elements. From the title and opening melody, you may think this is the mellow tune of the album. The whole song is highlighted by stately and captivating bass tones, with a great guitar harmony to close things out.

I really don’t know what the percussion deal at the end is for, but I don’t mind it. Possibly the album’s one flaw. A mesmerizing duet between Meola and Paco De Lucia, this tune is very repetitive and wears thin over time with repeated listens, but you can’t deny that awesome melody and astounding playing. Race With Devil on Spanish Highway. Here the band is tight as they can be: An odd song structure, but memorable all the way through.

Al Di Meola Elegant Gypsy 180g Import LP

The boys saved the best for last. This seems a bit aimless, but even though it’s not necessarily building to a grand finale, the process of getting there is wonderful. Staccato guitar and keyboard sometimes, and tasteful sustains and vibrato in others, with perfectly effective percussion throughout, this is an absolute gem. If you have any inclinations for great guitar that is well-integrated into the music played by talented musicians, you simply need this album.

Ditto if you enjoy jazz or Latin-influenced rock. Elegant Gypsy is a fantastic record featuring some of the best songs of Di Meola’s career. First you’d struggle to find a better collection musicians,Di Meola absolutely shreds – tastefully of course, the drums are first rate, particularly the percussion and the keys take turns shredding with the guitar, a very skilled bunch of musicians.

As far as highlights go there are a great deal of them, the opening song ‘Flight Over Rio’ starts off fairly before kicking into overdrive with some latin fusion shred driven by some fantastic percussion with some extraordinary guitar work from Di Meola complimented by the keyboards perfectly with some tag team soloing.

Midnight Tango is also a great song dimeols really quite progressive, I thought it was several different songs on my first listen. Mediterranean Sundance is undoubtedly Di Meola’s most well known song featuring finger picking acoustic virtuoso Paco De Lucia who would later feature in Di Meola’s guitar trio along with John McLaughlin – their live version of the song is something else.

Mediterranean Sundance is probably one of the best songs ever written for acoustic guitar, Di Meola and De Lucia are in perfect harmony and pretty well take their turns melting the fretboard with their emotionally charged fusion shred. The closing track ‘Elegant Gypsy Suite’ is easily the best song on the album, truly a progressive song, covering many different emotional and musical territories, it’s a fantastic song and a crowning achievement on the album.

Overall Elegant Gypsy is a fine jazz fusion record, it could be a bit longer and it does lose a lot of it’s zest after the first few songs but it’s an essential part of any jazz fusion fan’s collection.