I finished scanning The COMPLETE basic ATR series manual WITH THE SCHEMATICS and it is now up at my site for FREE downloads if. Does anyone know where I can get the electronic or paper manual for the Ampex ATR? Thank you in advance. very complete listing of Ampex manuals hosted by John Chester · very similar image site ATR 4 speed padnet schematic and layout pdf. ATR manual.
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Hifi Manuals

In professional recording studios, the Ampex ATR Mastering Tape Recorder is a frequent companion to a workhorse or track Studer machine, completing the classic tape-based signal chain. That said, below are some helpful tips to get you started.

The primary function of the ATR plug-in is as ajpex mixdown tape machine — adding tone, dynamic character and “glue” to your mixes. In the analog world, engineers will periodically “check in” on the ATR hardware, to see how the mix is responding to the machine and tape — ultimately printing to tape when the mix sounds right. It’s during these “check-ins” that engineers will often tweak manusl levels or tape speeds.

In the DAW environment, however, you have two options: With the ability to change heads, speeds and formulas on a whim, the ATR plug-in is totally flexible versus its analog counterpart. Under normal use, the goal is to get the ATR meter averaging around 0 dB or below.

If the mix is not averaging there, the first place to go is the Cal Level button. Cal Level automatically sets tape calibration, affecting the operating levels in the plug-in, and can be used to compensate for overly high or low levels at the input of the plug-in.

Tips & Tricks – Ampex ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder

Using Cal Level takes care of the gain setup, by automatically setting unity gain from input through output. Traditionally, various tape formulas have recommended operating levels see the manual for more informationbut feel free to use Cal Level for purely creative mabual. For further gain control, reach for the Record Input Gain knob. As it is on the Ampex hardware, Record is the knob on the right. Just like magnetic tape, lower Record levels will have a cleaner sound, while higher levels result in more harmonic saturation and coloration.

Higher Record levels will also increase the output level from the plug-in.

The Reproduce control can be lowered to compensate for this, but the metering will no longer be in a calibrated state. However, users can also access a bank of artist presets to access the prefered ATR settings from several famous engineers — for mixing, for mastering, for use as inserts, or for special effects. Note that each Tape formula has its own subtle sonic variation, distortion onset, and tape compression characteristics.

Each Speed setting IPS provides distinct frequency shift, head bump, and distortion characteristics; higher speeds have higher fidelity and 3. Record EQs and Bias can have a huge affect on agr modeled tape response. Additionally, try using slower tape speeds and the Sync head playback option for some highly colored responses. Feel free to experiment. Crosstalk is the signal bleed that happens on multichannel tape decks; in simple terms, you can hear a bit of tar left channel on the right, and vice-versa.

The ATR plug-in models the crosstalk behavior between the two channels, which chages in frequency response based on Speed. By default, the plug-in’s Crosstalk level matches the hardware, but the amount can be increased for more extreme results. Wow and flutter are traditionally “undesirable” pitch changes introduced by the mechanical nature of tape machines.

Wow refers to very low frequency fluctuations, while Flutter refers to faster fluctuations. In a modern context, wow and flutter can impart a great vintage manuaal to your tracks.

Download the Ampex ATR manuals for free – Hifi Manuals

Ready to geek out? It’s still common for veteran engineers to have their own techniques for getting a tape machine to respond exactly as they see fit. Using the built-in test tone generator complete with virtual MRL test tapes, the plug-in can be configured exactly as desired.

The UAD manual includes the recommended Ampex configuration method, perfect for “learning the ropes. Learn how producer Steve Mackey M. ATR on the master fader.

The Cal Level controls. A wide range of artist presets are included. Advanced tweaking is possible with the hidden controls panel.


Buy Madarij al-salikin by Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyah (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free. ﴾If only there had been among the generations before you, persons having wisdom, prohibiting (others) from Al-Fasad (disbelief, polytheism. Sufism without Mysticism: Ibn al-Qayyim’s Objectives in Madarij al-Salikin. Ovamir Anjum. Uploaded by. Ovamir Anjum. OVAMIR ANJUM (UNIVERSITY OF.
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Those who did wrong pursued the enjoyment of good things of this worldly life, and were Mujrimun criminals, disbelievers in Allah, polytheists, sinners, etc. This Ayah gives irrefutable evidence that those who will survive Allah’s Torment in the Hereafter are few, that the upright people are few and that the obedient are few.

Hence, if you find yourself, in an era, among those few who are obedient and far from sinning, among those who are submissive to Allah and far from the abundant astray and among the few who follow the Prophetic Sunnah and are far from the so many lost people, this will be a good sign, because Allah the Almighty in this Ayah, which is an irrefutable proof, assures us that the majority of people on earth are Mujrimin. They follow nothing but conjectures, and they do nothing but lie.

The believer might wonder at times and make Munajat talking secretly to Allah saying, “O Lord, all those people are against the Haqq the truthand they are not upright, but what if they are right and I am mistaken? This Ayah means that evil sins and disobedience of Allah, etc.

If you consider the opinion of the majority, they will say that this minority are the astray. When you are seduced to accept a bribe of a huge amount of money, but you reject it, you will be accused of insanity. When you refuse to go for a mixed-gender picnic, you will be accused of insanity.

-Your Source for Arabic Books: Madarij al-Salikin مدارج السالكين:

When you reject a very salilin proposer asking for your daughter’s hand whose career and social position are excellent, but he is not religious, you are accused of insanity.

In such cases, you might become prey of those dark thoughts, and start thinking that the others could be right, and you might be wrong, but in order not to have such thoughts, consider the following Ahadeeth which support the previous Ayah. Ahadeeth support the concept of estrangement in the previous Ayat:.

By Allah, in Whose Hand is my soul, faith shall drift to Medina like the drift of the torrent. By Allah, in Whose Hand is my soul, Islam shall creep between these two Masajid just as the serpent goes back into its hole”.

People nowadays deviate from modesty in the way they dress in public, and most of them are wandering half-naked and indecently following as such the westerns.

Unfortunately, if the western woman is dressed indecently, the Muslim woman imitates her:. You will follow the ways of those nations who were before you, p by p and cubit by cubit i.

Do you mean the Jews and the Christians? When mischief prevails on earth, when the majority of people do not care if their income is lawful or not, when people’s affairs are slightly Islamic or sometimes not Islamic at all and when they do not care if their jobs are based on obeying Allah or disobeying Him, you will feel estranged. Also, you will feel like a stranger when a highly paid job is offered to you, but you reject it, because some sins are committed in such a job.

If people know that you refused that job, they will accuse you of insanity, and even your mother and father may think that there is something wrong with you.

I know a man who was offered a bargain that does mdarij please Allah. He was asked to manufacture Faith is not what most people think; saljkin is not only about performing Salah and Sawm, and it is not about formal rituals, but rather faith is all about taking the right stance.

Islam is about taking the right attitude and about following its entire method which organize even the tiny details in madqrij daily life. Furthermore, Islam should be manifested in your career, household, picnics, entertainment, serious business, travel and residence.

Islam in concise is close to And He will surely give them in exchange a safe security after their fear provided they believers worship Me and do not associate anything in worship with Me. But whoever disbelieved after this, walikin are the Fasiqun rebellious, disobedient to Salijin. Fight alongside people other than your own, it will improve your attitude and make you generous to your companions.

O Aktham, the best number of companions is four, the best number of troops on an expedition is four hundred, the best number of madarijj army is four thousand, and twelve thousand will never be overpowered because of their small number. If the sincere believers on earth are Bear in mind that Allah does not look to the Islamic appearance like hanging a Quran on the wall, listening to religious cassettes and CDs only without applying or filling the Masajid, because all of which are appearances that might be a sign of the goodness in people, but they are not enough in the Sight of Allah, because what counts in the Sight of Allah is how many obedient and devoted Muslims there are among all these numbers.

Is it he who flies in the air? The Wali is he who does whatever is Halal all kinds whatever Allah has permitted and avoids whatever is Haram whatever is madarrij. Accordingly, dear brothers, your true Islam is reflected in your factory, store and job, in selling, in buying, in dealing with people, in controlling your limbs.


This walikin when the people who offer good deeds, who enjoin Ma’roof, who are pious and who are devoted to Islam get lesser in numbers, the strangers do their best to offer more good kadarij, keep enjoining Ma’roof more and become more pious and more devoted to Islam. Keep in mind that man is like a vessel and the most critical thing about it is what is filled into it. What ideas do you feed madarijj brain with? The usual food and drink is for the body, but the soul is the most important vessel, so what do you fill it with?

Do you fill it with the gossips of celebrities? Do you fill it with stories of the worldly people and the vile? What do you read? What do you listen to? What do you watch? With what are you nourishing your soul? You will talk about and discuss what you fill your soul with, so if you fill your vessel with the gossips salikjn celebrities, you will only talk about them.

When you fill your vessel with the news of people of the worldly life and their travels, their marriages, their lavish life, the sins they commit, the lusts they are indulged in and the despicable acts they do, you will talk about these things.

On the other hand, when you fill your vessel mafarij the Quran, the Prophetic Aalikin and the heroic acts of the companions, you will spontaneously talk about these things when you meet people.

The ancestors said, “What is bred in the one cannot come out of the flesh. The gravest thing is the salokin you fill your vessel from whether it is listened to it, watched or read, for what comes out of you is exactly what you fill your vessel with.

Blessed are the strangers. A big family may not be concerned about the way they build their social relations, so madaarij do not mind attending mixed-gender occasions or having parties.

Some restaurants serve banquets in the blessed month of Ramadan, and men and women eat very tasty food while they are dressing their best. When they are in such restaurants, they forget about their prayers, and when they get back home they say, “We stayed up till 2: Where is Fajr Salah? This is how people spend their lives these days. Indeed the religion began as something strange and it will return to being strange. So Tuba glad tiding is for the strangers who correct what the people have corrupted from my Sunnah after me.

They are those who revive my practice sunnah and teach it to the servants of Madariu. What marks your love to Allah is to abide by the Prophetic Sunnah, which is rejuvenated by acting upon it and teaching it to other people.

Interpreters of the Noble Quran agreed that the meaning of this Salikih is that “The companions of the Prophet PBUH will never be punished as long as he was alive among them and they followed him, and the people who abide by his Sunnah after his death mqdarij not be punished either.

He is not going to be punished in two cases: He said, “Why are you weeping?

Allah loves those whose righteousness and piety mavarij hidden, those who, if they are absent, are not missed, and if they are present, they are not invited or acknowledged.

Their hearts are lamps of guidance and they get out of every trial and difficulty’. People will be overtaken by fitan plural of fitnah: In fact, there are fitan severe enough to make the wise man bewildered.

However, Allah saves the true believer from these fitan. They do not seek exaltedness in the eyes of people, but rather they seek it in the Sight of Allah.

Hence, success lies in having an exalted position in the Sight of Allah:. When you occupy an exalted position in the Sight of Allah, you will feel that He loves you, that you are on the Right Path and that you are heading to the right destiny. These sentiments enrich your soul and you feel Allah’s Love to you, so you dispense with people’s praising, with being exalted in their eyes, with being in the spot light, with being famous and with being rich.

Who are the strangers? Ibn Al-Qayyim went on saying, “Thus, Muslims are strangers among mankind;” Nowadays Muslims are strangers if you put them with other peoples. In India, million people in India worship cows, I take refuge with Allah from that, and if the cow is in the middle of a road, they block it for long hours.

Also, if it enters a fruit store, it is allowed to eat whatever it likes, and the owner will be delighted.

In their rituals they put the dung of the cow on their furniture, and they consider it a precious perfume. In other country, million people do not believe in Allah, and their ideology is atheism. Not to mention there are sexually transmitted diseases, because of the millions who are homosexual, given they put on identification cards of their sexual orientations, and they are proud of that. Even the non-religiously committed Muslims are considered strangers among those.

Marriage in America does not last more than a year or a year and a half, for they get divorced for the most insignificant reasons. The wife there might stay for days away from her house spending a week or two with her friends, and such a situation is considered normal. A foreign expert stayed in Damascus for one year and a half, then he held a party to celebrate the coming of his son, but he had never left Damascus for one year and a half, and his wife had a son back there.

Islamic Education- Madarij Al-Salikin- Lesson (): The Strangers

Yet, he held a party for the newborn baby who apparently is not his. By Allah, Muslims are strangers in these societies. Of course there are a lot of examples. Ibn Al-Qayyim said, “Thus, Muslims are strangers among mankind. The true believers are strangers among Muslims; and the scholars are strangers among the true believers. Ibn Al-Qayyim went on saying, “The followers of the Sunnah, those who clear themselves from all peoples of innovation, are likewise strangers. The more man sublimes, the tighter the circle of his ilk becomes.

It is like a pyramid, so those who live in the base of it are among so many others, and the more you go up towards the top of the pyramid, the fewer the people become.

Believe me if the Prophet PBUH had stayed with the believers of this era, without exaggeration, he would have found himself strange amongst them. He replied, “I am not like you. I spend the night while my Rubb provides me with food and drink”. Hence, when you are with the minority, be proud of that, and be like those whom one of them is like and do not be like those who are thousands in number, by they do not worth more than a sigh.

So their works are in vain, and on the Day of Resurrection, We shall not give them any weight. A former student of mine said to me, “I was abroad once, and my flight was at 2 AM after midnight, so I called a taxi to go from the hotel to the airport. The time was winter, and it was snowing, raining and chilly, but I saw people standing in queue that extended for 3 kilometers, so I asked the driver, “What is going on?


Documents Similar To Carte de Bucate Sanda Marin. Uploaded by. Gigi Blaj. Sanda Marin – Carte de Bucate. Carte de bucate Sanda Marin. likes. Carte de bucate Sanda Marin Cea mai îndrăgită carte de bucate din toate timpurile: rețete simple, rapide și. Foarte puini. i ploieteanul, luai Lucreia Oprean, Sanda Marin sau Silvia Jurcovan nu cunosc autori.. Carte De Bucate Sanda Marin Editie.
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Photo source -2nd edition The cookery book, in an advanced stage of tatters though cunningly held together with wrapping paper, willpower and paper clipssits on the work surface in the kitchen ready for action. Its discoloured pages have seen a lot of the world and witnessed much of life. Full of scrawled notes in the margins dating back decades, the countless jottings on bits of coloured paper pinned to corresponding recipes are a reminder of what to do and what not to do next time.

Today, chiftele is on the menu and we need Sanda Marin to be sure we’ve left nothing to chance.

Carte de bucate by Sanda Marin

Anyone who knows their way even remotely around a Romanian kitchen will have heard of Sanda Marin, Romania’s own interbellum version of our Mrs Beeton. She is an authority; indispensable, a national symbol of homeliness and sinceevery Romanian household has had a copy of her Carte de Bucate in the kitchen, or at least on a shelf somewhere.

Photo source Sanda Marin, born Cecilia Maria Simionescugrew up in Iasi amongst a family of prominent intellectuals. Her father Ion Simionescu, a reknowned paleontologist, was president of the Romanian Academy.

Cecilia went to the best schools and benefited from excellent professors, amongst them Florica Musicescu Dinu Lipatti’s teacher with whom she studied piano in Paris.

She spoke fluent German, French and English and rubbed shoulders with the intellectual elite of the interwar period who visited her home.

Carte de bucate

Cecilia was an avid listener and adored their discussions which were usually full of passion and controversy given the time. Following her marriage to doctor in chemistry Mihai Zapan, she transformed her home into a gastronomic nirvana in which she prepared mouth-watering, divine creations for her family and friends. Sarah in Romania Uninspired by the Romanian cookery books available on the market at the time, Cecilia decided to share her talent and show that cooking could be an art.

Unsure of her success, fe took a pseudonym: Published in it quickly became a bestseller and the most comprehensive collection of traditional Romanian recipes in the country.

Sanda Marin’s Bucare de Bucate in its many editions is a history book in itself. A written testament sandx the changes communism brought the Romanian people in terms of food shortage, her recipes suffered due to censorship and rationing. Sarah in Romania Inthe volume was reprinted and much-shortened.

What had become 1, recipes since the first publication in was slashed to Anything considered too ‘opulent’, ‘exotic’ or ‘cosmopolitan’ was omitted: Foreign names were changed. One can actually follow the increased limitations for the pantry and the need to be very frugal through the ingredients of Sanda Marin’s recipes.

Ceausescu always said that Romanians ate too much. In the 70s, he planned huge soup kitchens for Bucharest to feed the population with meals to take home at low cost in superposed metal containers sufertase much like billycans.

Remember the Circurile foamei? How ironic to construct such massive buildings for the selling of meals to the population of a sector when everything was so scarce – agricultural produce was all being exported to pay the country’s external debt.

There was only one choice of dish per day. Bucharest City Mall and Plaza Romania were all buildings initially destined for this project but unfinished at the time of the lovilutie. Another is now a university D. Cantemir in Timpul Noi. Ceausescu was particularly interested in the one at Sf.

Turning back the clocks with Sanda Marin

Vineri, and followed its progress carefully. Built to accommodate thousands at a time in huge halls, he called it a ‘ fabrica de mancare ‘, ie. Page 13 of our battered edition reminded me of this, although it was printed years earlier when things were a lot better. The text reads translated from Romanian:.

Sarah in Romania ‘In our country, the diversity of products is becoming ever richer. The choice is so great that one faces a dilema as to what to cook for a balanced diet. Such ‘diversity’ wouldn’t last, though. For example, the amount of meat can be occasionally increased, but on that day, don’t drink milk. If you don’t have g of meat, you can do just as well with 50g of dried beans and 2 eggs.

If this could be suggested in a ‘good’ period likeimagine how dire things got in the 80’s.


Sarah in Romania Beforeone finds recipes that ask for ‘a fat, plucked chicken’. Later, post-’45, the same recipe begins with ‘take half a chicken’, and there’s no mention of ‘fat’. Times reflected in a list of ingredients The recipe for Chiftele ca de piept de pasare meatballs with chicken breast is not prepared with piept de pasare at all. In fact, no meat at all. The meat is substituted by the potato.

Names like icre imitatepateu imitat and mititei altfel break your heart although I’m told by MP thank you! In Sanda Marin’s various editions from the fifties onwards, onions are a main ingredient for almost every savoury recipe.

For Salata de icre imitate one requires: Hucate icre to fishpaste Sarah in Romania In our edition, water features often as a substitute for unavailable ingredients: One is asked to use a conopida frumoasa – vocabulary for a gospodina. There were no ‘lovely’ cauliflowers. At the market, most peasants wouldn’t allow you to choose your vegetables ” nu-i la alegere, doamna! How about sandq slice of bucte de fasole string-bean cake?

Does it tempt you? Can anyone seriously imagine serving a string-bean cake at a birthday party? Portocale oranges are mentioned in our edition, but there were none available except for on New Year’s Bucatee.

A complete and restored edition of Sanda Marin’s cookbook was finally published by Humanitas inand it can also be found in English. I don’t want a new edition though.

Our yellowed pages, dog-eared and tired, recapture voices from around a table, chatter from a long-lost kitchen whereby, if you didn’t have milk or eggs, you’d use water. The profound changes that took place in Romanian society as a result of food shortages particularly in the ’50s, followed by relative abundance throughout the ’60s and ’70s are illustrated through the ingredients and commentaries of this culinary bible.

Has anyone seen an edition published between ? I haven’t, but then again, who’d have needed a cookery book when there wasn’t much to cook. Photo source Agitated speculation continues to surround the latest drama engulfing Romania’s former royal What an interesting article.

Am uitat ca nu pot comenta din blogspot ca “adrian” Spuneam ca mi-am amintit ca in bucataria copilariei mele mama se baza pe editia din Turning back the carre with Sanda Marin.

The text reads translated from Romanian: Indeed, so much more than a pile of traditional recipes Commenter avec CanalBlog Utiliser Facebook. Adresse email visible uniquement par l’auteur du blog.

Always write kindly of my adopted country. Come here often and try to understand it.


In metrology, the least count of a measuring instrument is the smallest change in the measured A Vernier scale on caliper may have a least count of mm while a micrometer may have a least count of mm. The least count error occurs with both systematic and random errors. Instruments of higher precision can. a vernier scale on caliper may have a least count of mm and a micrometer may have least count of mm. Upvote(0) Downvote Reply (0) Report. Vernier caliper, which consists up of two scales, main scale and vernier scale has a least count of mm, whereas micrometer screw gauge in.
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Vernier Caliper vs. Micrometer: What’s the Difference? – Difference Wiki

This blog explains the procedure of calculating the least count of the metric vernier caliper. The least count of measuring device plays an important role for measurement.

The least count as the name suggests is the finest measurement you can take with the help of that Vernier calipers. Least count of the main scale: The main scale is calibrated in millimeters. To get the least count of the main scale, count the number of divisions on the main scale in one cm of it.

Divide 1 cm into that much number of divisions; the value obtained is the least count of the main scale in cm. Number of divisions on Vernier scale: In most Vernier calipers, the Vernier scale has 10 divisions.

Count the number of divisions on the Vernier scale. Use a magnifying glass if necessary.

vernirr Since the least count of the Vernier caliper is 0. Knowledge Bank Home Hand tools How to calculate the least count of the metric vernier caliper?

How to calculate the least count of the metric vernier caliper? Hand tools Created Date: Comments Created By Created By Ir ;ve also always had an interest in making games. Zip lock Bag 8 x 10 cm – Pack of Zip lock Bag 15 x 20 cm – Vernir of This Blog is Taggged:


xjvrek – Get O Vampiro Rei, Vol 1 (O Vampiro Rei, #2) book by André Vianco . Full supports all version of your device, includes PDF, ePub and Kindle. This Page is automatically generated based on what Facebook users are interested in, and not affiliated with or endorsed by anyone associated with the topic. Veja nesse post a resenha do Bruno Cunha sobre “O Vampiro Rei Vol. 2” do consagrado autor brasileiro André Vianco.
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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Viajco Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Return to Book Page. Preview — O Vampiro Rei, Vol. O Vampiro Rei, Vol. Bento Lucas, o guerreiro de luz, e Cantarzo, o vampiro rei, finalmente se encontram e protagonizam o grande combate. O Vampiro Rei Vol. Paperbackpages. O Vampiro Rei 3. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about O Vampiro Rei, Vol. Be the viqnco to rrei a question about O Vampiro Rei, Vol. Lists with This Book.

Review – The Vampire King Vol. 2 – André Vianco

Sep 27, Brent Negwin rated it did not like it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. A bruxa Tereza escapou como? Achei a obra mt mal trabalhada no fim das contas.

A amdre and electric end for this saga. Lucas and the “bentos” endure many danger and adversities in their search to end the vampire’s reign. My only complain was the use of a creature that I don’t think made sense in the story. Otherwise, a impressive and great adventure.

Apr 14, Pricila Almeida rated it it was amazing. O grande final do envolvente triller brasileiro!

Similar authors to follow

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Andre Vianco is now the Brazilian writer wins more readers of fantasy and terror. Vianco explores the supernatural and the popular imagination with ease and enthusiasm, taking the reader on a journey of no return, an “addiction” of the property. His book The Seven already hit the home of 50, copies sold.

Each day more and more people are enchanted with the saga of vampires Portuguese found sealed Andre Vianco is now the Brazilian writer wins more readers of fantasy and terror. Each day more and more people are enchanted with the saga viannco vampires Portuguese found sealed in a silver box on the Brazilian coast.

Welcome to this world full of unusual characters, deep feelings and fantasy, one page after another. Other books in the series.

O Vampiro Rei, Vol. 2

O Vampiro Rei 4 books. No trivia or quizzes yet. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


Title, Massa e potere. Volume of Tascabili Bompiani. Author, Elias Canetti. Edition, 3. Publisher, Bompiani, ISBN, , Title, Massa e potere. Volume of Biblioteca Adelphi. Author, Elias Canetti. Translated by, Furio Jesi. Edition, 2. Publisher, Adelphi Edizioni, Massa e potere has ratings and 75 reviews. ΑνναΦ said: Sono troppo sopraffata per esprimere un giudizio articolato, nel caso poteri fare una classi.
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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Canetto to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again.

Massa e potere – Elias Canetti – Google Books

Open Preview See canetit Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Massa e potere by Elias Canetti. Massa e potere by Elias Canetti.

Nela Vienna, compiva un ulteriore passo: Alla proliferazione della massa deve rispondere la tenebrosa solitudine del potente. Genghiz khan e il presidente Schreber, il sultano di Delhi e Filippo Maria Visconti spiccano nel loro ,assa delirio sul fondo di masse di sudditi, cadaveri, allucinazioni.

PaperbackBiblioteca Adelphipages. Published November 1st by Adelphi first published To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about Massa e potereplease sign up. See 1 question about Massa e potere….

Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Illustrati acnetti ampi ampissim stralci di etologia — forse con sfumature enologiche – e antropologia, ma, francamente, a patto di non esser interessati alla vita particolareggiatamente descritta nei suoi momenti topici, di parecchi popoli primitivi e non ho detto selvaggi!

Nobel Prize per questo libro. Contrariamente a quanto ho finora borbottato, il decadimento del Premio Nobel arriva da lontano.

E preciso che le due stelle sono per le pagine iniziali, le sole ben fatte e brillanti Massa chiusa,aperta,invisibili, masse aizzate, masse in fuga, fino alla classificazione delle mute, ci siamo, bravo Canetti. View all 3 comments. Jul 07, Yupa rated it it was ok. Non solo per i riferimenti, ptoere per tutta l’impostazione. La formazione del nazismo secondo Canetti. Il trattato di Versailles ha tolto alla Germania l’esercito.

Massa e potere by Elias Canetti (2 star ratings)

I primati caanetti le mani per muoversi sugli alberi di ramo in ramo. Nel commercio le merci vengono prese e lasciate, afferrate e consegnate. Ergo, il piacere psicologico del commercio deriva dai tempi in cui i nostri pelosi antenati volteggiavano di ramo in ramo.

Di perle simili il libro ne contiene tante. Mi piace qui ricordare il passaggio in cui Canetti afferma che “le gocce d’acqua, nell’uomo, suscitano compassione”, ma soprattutto quello in cui, con gran sprezzo del ridicolo, parlando dei ‘simboli delle nazioni’ ci informa che “l’inglese si vede comandante di nave, lo spagnolo matador “.

Quite intriguing to bizare Canetti’s views on power and crods are convincing and his examples taken mostly from Australian and African anthropology are most insightful. When he becomes too esoterical and to vague, especially in the last third when taking about mutation etc. None the less, quite an inspiration.

Massa e potere

Despite much of Canetti’s insight, his work reads more of 19th than of 20th century thinking, and brings along some of the less palatable aspects of it. His broad brush anthropology is reminiscent of Frazer or Tyler – only without the grand vision. His presumptive racism and Euro-centric dogmatism is at times overwhelming f the point of having to stop and take a breather.

I often forgive this in texts from the pres. I would prefer more explicit rigor and less navel-gazing from a tome like this, especially pitere light of the importance of the topic and theme, not to mention the capacity of the author.

I will struggle to complete masxa reading, and update this review at that time, but I am unconvinced caanetti my opinion will change much over the next pages. Now finished, and like I said above – for such a profoundly wide ranging tome, touching on so many psychological and metaphysical tropes, I am left feeling wanting. Thank God that’s over. Canetti had some interesting insights and a lot of words in between.

Astera rated it it was ok Nov 25, Joe rated it it was ok May 16, Paolo rated it it was ok Mar 03, Madi Burin rated it it was ok May 22, Sanne rated it it was ok Oct 12, Dimitar Pizhev rated it it was ok Nov 21, Jovany Agathe rated it it was ok Nov 16, Dragana Ozegovic rated it it was ok Sep 24, Ryan Coons rated it it was ok Mar 11, Barbara rated it it was ok Dec 13, John Bunbury rated it it was ok Jul 27, Massimiliano Bolondi rated it it was ok Jan 03, Michal rated it it was ok Sep 27, ZANE rated it it was ok May 25, Gregor Samsa rated it it was ok Dec 01, Al rated it it was ok Jan 02, Andreas rated it it was ok Oct 05, Asheeran Punjabi rated it it was ok May 09, Alexander rated it it was ok Dec 27, Aleks rated it it was ok Nov 25, Cassandra Troyan rated it it was ok Apr 05, Sinem rated it it was ok Aug 11, Chris rated it it was ok Aug 09, Voss rated it it was ok Jan 13, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature “for writings marked by a broad outlook, a wealth of ideas and artistic power. Since late s he lived in London and Zurich.

In late s he started to live in Zurich permanently. He died in in Zurich.

A Record of a Visit Books by Elias Canetti. Trivia About Crowds and Power. Quotes from Massa e potere. The ;otere of both hands intertwined are the first basket. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


Assimil Language Courses has ratings and 7 reviews. The book is based on a logical but original approach. It combines a functional and varied vocabul. EL FRANCES SIN ESFUERZO. Método diario ”Assimil ”. by CHEREL, A.: and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. I do not have an answer to your question concerning the audio recordings for Assimil El Nuevo francés sin esfuero. However, I had a quick look.
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El Nuevo Frances sin Esfuerzo : French for Spanish Speakers by Assimil Staff (Cassette)

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El Nuevo Frances Sin Esfuerzo: : Books

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Germinie Lacerteux by Edmond de Goncourt and Jules de Goncourt. No cover available. Download; Bibrec. Complete summary of Edmond de Goncourt, Jules de Goncourt’s Germinie Lacerteux. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Germinie. Germinie Lacerteux [Edmond de Goncourt, Jules de Goncourt] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is a reproduction of a book.
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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem?

Germinie Lacerteux – Wikipedia

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Germinie Lacerteux by Edmond de Goncourt. Germinie Lacerteux by Edmond de Goncourt. Orphaned at the age of four, Germinie Lacerteux is forced to enter service in Paris in order to pay her way, in a story that paints a vision of 19th-century Paris haunted by poverty, death, and despair.

In the service of Mlle de Varandeuil, Germinie realizes that if she wishes to gerimnie employed, she faces an unmarried life.

Such a frustration of her maternal instincts eng Orphaned at the age of four, Germinie Lacerteux is forced to enter service in Lacerteus in order to pay her way, in a story that paints a vision of 19th-century Paris haunted by poverty, death, and despair.

Such a frustration of her maternal instincts engenders a deep devotion to her niece; Germinie is crushed when the girl is removed by her parents.

Many relationships of the same mold ensue, the heroine each time forging loving bonds that are broken. Paperbackpages. Published February 5th by Penguin Classics first published To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Germinie Lacerteuxplease sign up.

Lists with This Book. Some pages of the novel are downright repulsive in their condescension—but instructively so. The Goncourts seem content to pass along all the Late Romantic maxims of human perversity, while remaining uninterested by, or incapable of, the portrayal of humans behaving perversely.

They maintain a fastidious distance from scenesfrom characters interacting; so much action is merely summarized, neatly packaged, recounted at a gossipy, speculative second-hand.

Catalog Record: Germinie Lacerteux | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Germinie is dead on the page—this novel is not a bit more interesting than the entries in the Journal devoted to her original, Rose. Germinie Lacerteux has its pleasures.

And releasing the corners of the bit gsrminie linen, she spread out what was inside: I feel strange recommending a 1-star book, but people who like the famous Goncourt Journal and remain curious about the novels whose neglect the brothers bemoan will definitely get something out of Germinie Lacerteux ; as will fans of Germniie, perhaps—the brothers were always bitching that the younger and more celebrated Zola plagiarized them.

Need to get on that.

Germinie Lacerteux by Edmond de Goncourt and Jules de Goncourt

At the very least, everyone should read Pages from the Goncourt Journal. View all 14 comments. The de Goncourt brothers, Edmond and Jules, were French novelists of the midth century who worked collaboratively in the same naturalist tradition as the Italian verismo opera composer, Puccini.

Germinie Lacerteux was published in The title character was orphaned at age four and was raised by her sisters until she was fourteen at which age she was sent to Paris to live with an older sister who put her to work as a waitress. Raped by a fellow employee, she delivered a stillborn child. Sub The de Goncourt brothers, Edmond and Jules, were French novelists of the midth century who worked collaboratively in the same naturalist tradition as the Italian verismo opera composer, Puccini.

Subsequently she worked for a few months as the maid of a retired actor until he died, and then she took odd jobs with various shadowy characters until settling down as the maid for Mademoiselle de Varandeuil, a spinster of moderate means who herself had been used by her own father as a housekeeper until his death. Mademoiselle de Varandeuil suspects none of this, either naively or willfully, even when Germinie becomes a hopeless debtor and alcoholic, and the relationship between the two women is close, if not completely candid and open.

The end of the narrative is both poignant and believable. I greatly enjoyed the book which is also available in English translations. Uno di loro disse: A me pareva si chiamassero diversamente. Comunque no, non intendevo loro. Cosa odono le mie orecchie! Va, va, siediti e taci che ti erudisco io. Questa passione per il Giappone si estese fino alle loro abitudini quotidiane.

I Goncourt si volevano un gran bene. Si svegliavano alla stessa ora, uscivano per fare colazione insieme, compravano un giornale che tenevano un lato ciascuno per poterlo leggere contemporaneamente, avevano gusti identici, e si dividevano tutto.

Scrivevano dappertutto e avevano da dire la loro su ogni cosa. E infatti si fecero anche dei nemici. Ad ogni modo, Edmond e Jules se ne fregavano, e come molto spesso accade a chi lo sa fare di fregarsene con stile ebbero un gran successo.

Insomma erano degli intellettuali seri e ricchi. In compenso vide prendere forma la Parigi Haussmanniana, e questo basterebbe a chiunque per rimanere stupefatto per decenni.

Insomma i Goncourt erano degli ottimi partiti. Ma i fratelli erano troppo legati per separarsi a causa di sciocchi affari di cuore. La loro collaborazione, fin quando rimasero vivi entrambi, fu felice e assidua.

I maligni erano certi che alla morte di Jules, il meccanismo sarebbe andato in tilt. Un mistero sui cui ancora adesso Piero e Alberto Chiara si arrovellano ogni notte, interrogandosi senza sosta ma con buona pace delle mogli che tanto li mandano a dormire in salotto, sugli aspetti tecnici della collaborazione fraterna, chi ideava la trama, chi faceva le descrizioni, chi sceglieva il titolo eccetera eccetera. Edmond e Jules, infatti, mai si erano accorti, pur vedendola tutti i giorni, di quale fosse la sua vita reale.

Per loro fu un colpo atroce. Inutile dire che per farsi perdonare la svista macroscopica, i fratelli raddoppiarono lo zelo con cui indagarono a posteriori sulla sfortunata esistenza della loro domestica.

Le condizioni che vincolavano il lascito furono ferree: Il premiato inoltre non poteva vincere due volte. Che risposta diede Pietro non si seppe mai. May 20, Yannis Thomadakis rated it it was amazing.

One of the books that are classics beyond any doubt. A naturalist novel on the darkest and most awkward sides of the human psychology.

A wonderful portrayal of the 19th century French society. Something harsh with plates of gold around it. I completely adore Edmond and Jules de Goncourt! Jun 01, Sally rated it really liked it Shelves: She lacetreux like the family I never had!

Kindle Edition Inspired by the authors’ servant – an apparently devoted employee whom they discovered, after her death, had been stealing, drinking and living an immoral life. The title character here is just such a servant.

An unhappy early life leads her to become obsessively religious – but when her adored priest realises her feelings are for him rather than God, and avoids her, she gi “For me she isn’t a maid, a servant.

An unhappy early life leads her to become obsessively religious gpncourt but when her adored priest realises her feelings are for him rather than God, and avoids her, she gives up on it. She falls on her feet in a good position with the kind-hearted Mlle de Varandeuil, whose own life has been wretched, and who comes to see her servant as almst a daughter. But despite Germanie’s love for her mistress, her passionate nature seeks romance, and she ties herself to a cad of a toyboy – Jupillard – who tolerates her adoration for the money he can squeeze out of her.

As the true awfulness of her lot comes home to her, Germanie takes to the absinthe and seeks love from any quarter, all unknown to her kindly mistress. And then Germanie falls ill and the many to whom she owes many start to gather like vultures Very reminiscent of other ‘realist’ French fiction: This is a beautifully written tragedy – the authors may have been repulsed by their maid’s activities, but herminie is definitely a sense of sympathy for the unfortunate if unwise Germinie.

Germinie Lacertux, dopo un passato travagliato, riesce a trovare un impiego di cameriera presso una anziana signorina, Mademoiselle de Varandeuil che la tratta gentilmente, come una di famiglia.

First book I have read by the Goncourt Brothers – picked it up because of the reference in Mimesis – and the pacerteux of tragic realistic French novels in the 19th century. The novel was too dark, and I personally didn’t like the main heroine at all. Cosette va alla fonte. Jean non arriva, ma Cosette aspetta. Ma Jean questa notte non arriva.

Niente sogni, soltanto un tiepido oblio. Nov 16, Remko rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Apr 14, Jerri rated it it was amazing. Viscerally, it was fun to pick out when Edmond, or Jules is speaking.

And the last scene was the living begging the dead to forgive our sins–our crimes against humanity, as is the the rightful place of the marginalized in heaven. Amanda Banks rated it liked it Jun 28, Arvena rated it really liked it Gnocourt 27, Maria rated it really liked it Feb 24, Chris rated it it was ok Aug 23, Ekaterina rated it liked it Mar 04, Bob Cat rated it really liked it Oct 04,

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“Bosonization and strongly correlated systems”. every Wednesday, klHS of the PI, Contents §0 Introduction §1 Free fermions in 1D §2 Free bosonic. Buy Bosonization Strong Correlated Sys on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. Bosonization and Strongly Correlated Systems, by Alexander O. Gogolin and Alexander A. Nersesyan and Alexei M. Tsvelik, pp. ISBN
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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. This important technique represents one of the most powerful nonperturbative approaches to many-body systems currently available. The first part of the book examines the technical aspects of bosonization. Topics include one-dimensional fermions, the Gaussian model, the structure of Hilbert space in conformal theories, Bose-Einstein condensation in two di- mensions, non-Abelian bosonization, and the Ising and WZNW models.

The third part addresses the problems of quantum impurities. Chapters cover poten- tial scattering, the X-ray edge problem, impurities in Tomonaga-Luttinger liquids and the multi-channel Kondo problem.

This book will be an excel- lent reference for researchers and graduate students working in theoretical physics, condensed matter physics and field theory. We are finding that we must learn a great deal more about ‘and’.

[cond-mat/] Bosonization and Strongly Correlated Systems

Mackay The behaviour of large and complex aggregations of elementary particles, it turns out, is not to be understood in terms of a simple extrapolation of the properties of a few particles. Instead, at each level of complexity entirely new properties appear, and the understanding of the new behaviours requires research which I think is as fundamental in its nature as any other. Anderson, from More is different High energy physics continues to fascinate people inside and outside of science, being percieved as the ‘most fundamental’ area of research.

It is believed somehow that the deeper inside the matter we go the closer we get to the truth. So it is believed that ‘the truth is out there’ – at high energies, small distances, short times.

Therefore the ultimate theory. Theory of Ev- erything, must be a theory operating at smallest distances and times possible where there is no difference between gravitational and all other forces the Planck scale.

All this looks extremely revolutionary and complicated, but once a condensed matter physicist has found time and courage to acquiant himself with these ideas and theories, these would not appear to him ut- terly unfamihar. Moreover, despite the fact that the two branches of physics study objects of vastly different sizes, the deeper into details you go, the more parallels you will find between the concepts used.

In many cases the only dif- ference is that models are called by different names, but this has more to do with funding than with the essence. When you realize the existence of this astonishing parallelism, it is very difficult not to think that there is something very deep about it, that here you come across a general principle of Nature according to which same ideas are realized on different space-time scales, on different hierarchical ‘layers’, as a Platonist would put it.

This view puts things in a new perspective where truth is no longer ‘out there’, but may be seen equally well in a ‘grain of sand’ as in an elementary particle. In this book wc arc going to deal with the area of theoretical physics where the parallels between high energy and condensed matter physics arc especially strong.

This area is the theory of strongly correlated low-dimensional sys- tems. Below we will briefly go through these paralellisms and discuss the history of this discipline, its main concepts, ideas and also the features which excite interest in different communities of physicists.

Condensed Matter > Strongly Correlated Electrons

The problems of strongly correlated systems are among the most difficult problems stronly physics we are now aware of. By definition, strongly correlated systems are those ones which cannot be described as a sum of weakly in- teracting parts. So here we encounter a situation when the whole is greater than its parts, which strong,y always difficult to analyse.

The well-known example of such problem in particle physics is the problem of strong interactions – that is a problem of formation and structure of heavy particles – hadrons with proton and neutron being the examples and mesons.

In popular lit- erature, which greatly infiuences minds outside physics, one may often read that particles constituting atomic nuclei consist in their turn of ‘smaller’, or ‘more elementary’, particles called quarks, coupled together with gluon fields.

However, invoking images and using language quite inadequate for the essence of the phenomenon in question this description more confuses 4 than explains. The confusion begins with the word ‘consist’ which here does not have the same meaning as when we say that a hydrogen atom consists of a proton and an electron.

This is because a hydrogen atom is formed by electromagnetic forces and the binding energy of the electron and bosoniztaion is small compared to their masses: The smallness of the dimensionless coupling constant a obscures the quantum character of electromagnetic forces yielding a very small cross section for processes of transformation of photons into electron-positron pairs. Thus a serves as a small parameter in a perturbation scheme where in the first approximation the hydrogen atom is represented as a system of bosomization two particles.

Without small a quantum mechanics would be a purely academic discipline. Therefore gluon forces are of essentially quantum nature, in the sense that virtual gluons constantly emerge from vacuum and disappear, so that the problem involves an infinite number of particles and therefore is absolutely non-quantum-mechanical.

It turns out, however, that the proton and neutron have the same quantum numbers as a quantum corfelated bound state of corre,ated particles of a certain kind. Only in this sense can one say that ‘proton consists of three quarks’. The reader would probably agree that this is a very nontraditional use of this word.

So it is not actually a statement about the material content of a proton as a wave on a surface of the sea, it does not systdms any permanent material con- tentbut about its symmetry properties, that is to what representation of the corresponding symmetry group it belongs. It turns out that reduction of dimensionality may be of a great help in solving sydtems of strongly correlated systems. There are two ways to relate such so- lutions to reality. Corrwlated way is that you imagine that reality on some level is also two dimensional.

If you believe in this you are a string theorist. Another way is to study systems where the dimensionality is artificially reduced. Such systems are known in condensed matter physics; these are mostly materials consisting of well separated chains, but there are bosonizwtion examples of effectively one-dimensional problems such as problems of solitary magnetic impurities Kondo effect or of edge states in the Quantum Hall effect.

So if you are a theorist who is interested in seeing your predictions fulfilled during your life time, condensed matter physics gives you a chance. Correlatd present, there are two approaches to strongly correlated systems. One approach, which corrrelated be only very briefly discussed in this book, operates with exact solutions of many-body theories.

Needless to say not every model can be solved exactly, but fortunately many interesting ones can. So this method can sgrongly a treasury of valuable information. The other approach is to try to reformulate complicated interacting mod- els in such a way that they become weakly interacting.

Thus in just two years after introduction of the exclusion principle by Pauli it was established that in many-body systems the wall separating bosons from fermions might become penetrable. Thus, at least at this point, the excitation spectrum and hence thermodynamics can be 6 easely described. However, since spins are expressed in terms of the fermionic operators in a nonlinear and nonlocal fashion, the problem of correlation functions remains nontrivial to the extent that it took another 50 years to solve it.

The transformation from spins to fermions completes the solution only for the special value of anisotropy; systema all other values fermions interact. It turns out however, that in many cases interactions can be effectively removed by the second transformation – in the given case from the fermions to a scalar massless bosonic field.

This transformation is called bosonization and holds in the continuous limit, that is for energies much smaller than the bsonization. We coerelated these words to describe a situation when low-energy excitations of a many-body system differ drastically from the con- stituent particles. Of course, there are elementary cases when stfongly particles are not observable at low energies, for example, in crystalline bod- ies atoms do not propagate and at low corerlated we observe propagating sound waves – phonons; in the same way in magnetically ordered materials instead of individual spins we see magnons etc.

These examples, however, are related to the situation where the symmetry is spontaneously broken, and the spec- trum of the constituent particles is syste,s from the ground state by a gap. This nontrivial fact, known as dynamical mass generation, was discovered by Vaks and Larkin in In this case propagation of a single particle causes a mas- 7 sive emission of soft critical fluctuations. Both scenarios will be discussed bosoniaation detail in the text. It also became clear that the conventional methods would not work.

Bychkov, Gor’kov and Dzyaloshinskii were the first who pointed out that instabilities of one-dimensional metals cannot be treated in a mean-field-like approximation. They applied to such metals an improved perturbation series summation scheme called ‘parquet’ approximation see also Dzyaloshinskii and Larkin Originally this stronhly was devel- oped for meson scattering by Diatlov, Sudakov and Ter-Martirosyan and Sudakov It was found that such instabilities are governed by quantum interfer- ence of two competing channels of interaction – the Cooper and the Pcicrls ones.

Summing up all leading logarithmic singularities in both channels the parquet approximation Dzyaloshinskii and Larkin obtained differential equa- tions for the coupling constants which later have been identified as Renor- malization Group equations Solyom From the fiow of the coupling constants one can single out the leading instabilities of the system and thus conclude about the symmetry of the ground state.

It turned out that even in the absence of a spectral gap a coherent propagation of single electrons is blocked. The charge-spin separation – one of the most striking features of one dimensional liquid of interacting electrons – had already been captured by this approach. The problem the diagrammatic perturbation theory could not tackle was that of the strong coupling limit.

Since phase transition is not an option in 1 – – l -dimensions, it was unclear what happens when the renormalized inter- action becomes strong the same problem arises for the models of quantum impurities as the Kondo problem where similar singularities had also been discovered by Abrikosov The failure of the conventional perturba- 8 tion theory was sealed by P.

Anderson who demonstrated that it originates from what he called ‘orthogonality catastrophy’: That was an indication that the problems in ques- tion cannot be solved by a partial summation of perturbation series.

This does not prevent one from trying to sum the entire series which was brilliantly achieved by Dzyaloshinskii and Larkin for the Tomonaga-Luttinger model using the Ward identities. In fact, the subsequent development fol- lowed the spirit of this work, but the change in formalism was almost as dramatic as between the systems of Ptolemeus and Kopernicus. As it almost always happens, the breakthrough came from a change of the point of view. When Kopernicus put the Sun in the centre of the coordinate frame, the immensely complicated host of epicycles was transformed into an easily intelligeble system of concentric orbits.

The bosonization method was conceived in independently by two particle and two condensed mat- ter physicists bossonization Sidney Coleman and Sidney Mandelstam, and Daniel Mattis and Alan Luther respectively. They established that cor- relation functions of such fermions can be expressed in terms of correlation functions of a free bosonic field.

In the bosonic representation the fermion forward scattering became trivial which made a solution of the Tomonaga- Luttinger model a simple exercise. The new approach had been immediately applied to previously untreat- able problems. It was then understood that low-energy sector in one-dimensional metallic systems might be described by a universal effective theory later christened ‘Luttinger-‘ or ‘Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid’. The microscopic description of such a state was obtained by Haldanethe original idea, however, was suggested by Efetov and Larkin Many interesting applications of bosonization to realistic quasi-one-dimensional metals had been considered in the s by many researches.

Another quite fascinating discovery was also made in the s and con- cerns particles with fractional quantum numbers. Such particles appear as elementary excitations in a number of one dimensional systems, with typ- ical example being spinous in the antiferromagnetic Heisenberg chain with half-integer spin. A detailed description of such systems will be given in the main text; here we just present in the main text; here we corelated present an impressionistic picture.

Imagine that you have a magnet and wish to study its excitation spec- trum. You do it by flipping individual spins and looking at propagating waves. In measurements of dynamical spin susceptibility q emission of aand particle is seen as a sharp peak. This is exactly what we see in conventional magnets with spin-1 particles beeing magnons.

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However, in many one dimensional systems instead of a sharp peak in x” u;, qwe see a continuum. Hence fractional quantum numbers.

However, excitations with fractional spin are subject of topological restriction – in the given example this restriction tells us that the particles can bosonkzation produced only in pairs. Topological confinement puts restriction only on the overall 10 number of particles leaving their spectrum unchanged.